polished concrete floor

If you are in the process of building a new warehouse or factory, it is most likely that you should ideally choose a polished concrete floor for the same. This is after all the most durable flooring choice. But then why the fact is that most of the people are very unhappy with a polished concrete floor in their facility?

The reason is very simple. Most of the people will leave the top surface of their concrete floor completely untreated. This is a fact that concrete by its very nature is never fully cured. There will always be some amount of unreacted calcium hydroxide leftover even after 28 days of curing time. This leftover untreated calcium hydroxide is called free lime. If this is ignored, then this eventually leads to a formation of a concrete floor that is filled with potholes & cracks. And this is the scenario where the polished concrete becomes a complete game-changer.

Major Advantages of Polished Concrete Floors

Let us start by defining this first. By grinding & polishing with the special diamond tools & then treating with silicate hardeners ordinary concrete floors are converted into polished concrete floors. The most notable advantages of polished concrete floors are mentioned as follows:

  • Abrasion resistance and increased durability
  • Makes the concrete completely dust-free
  • Maintains the floor appear cleaner and cleaning & maintenance become easier
  • There is no requirement of expensive polyurethane or epoxy coatings
  • this enhances the overall quality of the room and the aesthetic impact gets enhanced
  • billet grinding and resinoid tools can give permanence and better longevity to all the floors
  • since it is time and cost-saving, you can go for a complete home renovation with the latest concrete polishing tools.

What Are The Pre-Requisites? 

There are a few basic requirements which are a must for the polished concrete floors. One essential prerequisite for doing a polished concrete floor is laying a flat floor. There are many types of equipment available in order to lay flat floors and these should definitely be utilized by the contractor if he plans to go for concrete polishing. Another major requirement is that the grade of concrete should be M25 at least.

How Can Grinding Help The Quality Of The Floor? 

Grinding is not at all a solution for the purpose of leveling uneven floors which are poorly laid. Trying to grind an uneven floor in order to achieve the required flatness is indeed a very expensive proposition. Not all the concrete floors can be polishable. The contractors need to be able to make the distinction before taking a job. So, to reiterate, the sole concept of concrete polishing goes hand in hand with the casting of flat floors.

A quick overview of concrete polishing to create a flawless polished concrete floor are as follows:

  • Dry grinding with metal bond diamond tools
  • Grouting
  • Dry honing with resin diamond pads
  • Dry polishing with the help of resin diamond pads
  • Densification
  • Sealing with a stain protectant

Driving The Right Value Through Polished Concrete Floors 

There are several popular and dependable brands that offer a complete range of Concrete Grinding Machines, Diamond Tools and Dust Collectors for the purpose of polishing concrete floors. Even though in the present times, polished concrete is being used majorly in the warehouses, industries and big retail stores which is only a matter of time and very soon this technology would be adopted in other areas like showrooms, airports, offices, restaurants, residences, and showrooms. Super long mega life wheel and high-quality concrete retainers are also important. along with that, you need to choose a concrete flooring and grinding specialist who can allow vitrified bonding on your floor concrete.

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