Does your bathroom feel cramped or outdated? Modern bathroom design offers a fresh take on convenience and comfort. Improve functionality and aesthetics with these practical remodeling tips to modernize your bathroom.

Consider a Curbless Shower

A curbless shower doesn’t have an edge that separates the shower floor from the rest of the bathroom floor. The seamless transition into the shower area enhances the openness of the bathroom and makes it feel less cluttered. It’s also a great design if you want to improve accessibility for people who have mobility impairments.

The slightly sloped shower floor and a well-designed drain will prevent water from entering the rest of the bathroom. And glass is a popular shower door material to make the most of open sightlines.

Add More Hooks

Space is at a premium in bathrooms. Strategically placed hooks will help you organize clothes, bathrobes, and towels within arm’s reach.

Install towel or robe hooks about 70 inches above the floor and space them a minimum of 9 inches apart. You can place hooks on cabinet sides, the back of the bathroom door, and unused wall space.

You can also mount hooks inside the shower for loofahs, body brushes, roped soap, and more. Ensure you choose a waterproof hook design that’s strong and durable.

Tip: Get the Right Tools for Your Tiles

When mounting hooks, towel bars, and other types of hardware, you’ll probably need to drill through tile. Drilling into tile requires special drill bits that penetrate the surface without cracking it. For example, one of the key tips for drilling into porcelain is to use a diamond-tipped drill bit—ceramic tile drill bits will not cut through porcelain effectively.

Add More Power Outlets

Adding more power outlets is another practical remodeling tip to modernize your bathroom. Create a safe and helpful design by following useful tips for remodeling electrical outlets, such as considering the devices you use.

An outlet near the toilet can power a bidet or heated seat. An outlet in a vanity drawer lets you power your hair dryer and keeps countertop clutter to a minimum. Or you can place the outlet in a cabinet and store charging items you don’t use very often, such as electric toothbrush chargers.

A curbless shower, additional hooks, and strategically placed power outlets can make your bathroom more comfortable. Incorporate these ideas into your bathroom design to improve accessibility and convenience.