Stress is an unfortunate piece of modern life. Stress is an evolutionary mechanism that helped human beings survive, and in small amounts, can spur us on to work harder or successfully address a threat. However, too much stress is bad for us. Chronic stress can negatively impact our immune system; make us tired, depressed and anxious; lead us to consume more food than our bodies need; cause our blood pressure to soar, and even result in heart problems and make us susceptible to other diseases.

What makes people stressed? Many stressors are external- meaning they happen to us and are out of our control, such as job demands, job loss, loss of a loved one, school pressures, current events, and more. Internal stressors come from our thoughts, unrealistic expectations, and bad behaviors, such as when we put too much pressure on ourselves or pursue unhealthy lifestyles. The following infographic details 15 ways to turn your home into a self-care sanctuary.

self-care, Practicing Self-Care at Home

Graphic created by ImproveNet.