Homeowners want to hire a contractor they can trust. While you’re most likely a home remodeling expert, you know you require a reliable team that’ll work without a hitch. However, when you want to hire a contractor, you should always remember to ask some questions before installing new flooring.

Do You Have Any Flooring Recommendations?

The purpose of hiring a contractor is to gain assistance with an important home renovation. The flooring is a feature you’ll see every day. While you have an idea of shades and materials you like, contractors have the expertise to make educated recommendations about what your home may require.

Perhaps the room where you need new flooring has encountered frequent water damage. In this case, the contractor might recommend luxury vinyl or ceramic tiles and tell you to avoid solid hardwood or carpeting. The latter options would deteriorate with frequent water contact. Asking questions about recommendations will help you make a final decision on the best flooring material for your house.

What’s the Estimate for the Project?

Since you’re paying for a service, you must think about how much labor and materials will cost. Ensure you discuss estimates with the contractor before hiring a company.

Additionally, always remember to establish a budget beforehand. You can’t know if the estimate suits your financial situation if you don’t have a budget in place.

Learn these tips for creating a flooring budget to determine how much you have available to spend on the service. It can impact the type of flooring, which rooms will receive new flooring, and the company you choose for installation.

Is There a Warranty Available?

Warranties protect you in case you endure any difficulties in the future. Most contractors will offer at least one year of coverage. After that, you’re responsible for paying for repairs.

It’s crucial to establish the complications the warranty will cover. Many contractors will cover any issues with the flooring, such as chipping, cracking, or warping. Additionally, they may cover installation issues. Thoroughly ask questions about the warranty with your contractor before installing new flooring so that you can rest assured that you can have it repaired free of charge for a specific time.

Are There Any Concerns About the Subfloors?

Many homeowners will forget to ask contractors about the status of the subfloors. Subfloors are layers of moisture-resistant plywood that provide extensive support to the flooring for the entire house. Without sturdy subfloors, any new flooring on top is at risk of crumbling apart.

Before the flooring contractor gets to work, ask if they’ll examine the subfloor while tearing up the previously installed flooring. From there, the contractor will assess if there’s any damage that needs repairing and determine if the subfloors are good to go!

Asking plenty of questions is one of the best methods for having a stress-free renovation! You’ll feel confident in your decision and ready to start the floor renovation process with a trustworthy contractor.