living room

Are you tired of your old dingy furniture and washed-out walls? Is it time to redecorate and give your home a new flair? If so, you’re in the right place because we have fantastic ideas that will help you refresh your home without breaking the bank. With a little bit of money and some creativity mixed with lots of effort, you’ll have a beautifully refreshed home in no time.

Make a statement with one wall
If you’ve decided to give your walls a fresh coat of paint, you’re on the right track. However, we suggest you think outside the box this time. Instead of painting the entire room the same colour, think about painting one wall a statement colour like red, and the rest of the walls white, for instance. Painting two walls lime green, and the other two yellow, is another way to add character to your home and make it spotless.

Put flowers everywhere
Flowers will instantly and for very little money, make your décor look alive. Always keep fresh flowers in a vase on your dining room table. Place a smaller vase on a coffee table and fill it up with all sorts of colourful flowers to make the room smell lovely and look fresh too. Hang flower pots on the wall and keep them by the window to decorate the room in the freshest and most colourful way.

Decorate other walls too
After painting the walls, it’s time you embellished them. Do you have family photos laying around in the boxes? Now is the time to look for the frames that will go well with the rest of the interior. Hang them up on the walls and make the house more inviting. If you’ve already had picture frames on the walls, think about replacing them with the new frames, or look for DIY solutions to refreshing the old ones. Whimsical mirrors will look lovely next to the collection of photos. If you like art, feel free to hang a painting or any other form of art on the wall as well.

Rethink your carpets
Floors often get overlooked when you start refreshing your living space. Ironically, they’re one of the most important parts of your décor, so you’ll need to think about the best carpet solutions. As professionals at renowned carpet cleaning in Central Coast say, after having the carpets cleaned, you’ll revitalize the carpets while maintaining a fresh and healthy environment in your home. That is exactly what you need when you’re refreshing your home.

Add more greenery to the rooms
Bringing nature inside the home is another fabulous way to refresh your dingy home. Breathe in some liveliness into your home and start splurging on a variety of plants. It’s time to invest in planters, pots, and hanging baskets that you’ll position all over your house. If you’re not sure you’ll be very good at keeping the plants alive at first, go with safe choices such as cactus, philodendron, and ZZ plant. Those are all self-sufficient and don’t require a lot of care and attention.

Polish up furniture
Is your old cabinet looking worse by the year and you don’t want to splurge on a new one? Just redo the old one by giving it a new sheen. Remove the old coat of polish and apply a couple of new ones. Alternatively, if you’re thinking about changing the colour palette of the room, repaint the cabinets and all the furniture to match the existing interior. Switch old handles and doorknobs for new, better-looking ones.

Give a bit of sparkle to old planters
Are you already elbows-deep in planting and taking care of greenery all around the house? All you need to make the place look fresh is to give a few extra touches to your old planters. Get a spray paint in the colour that will best complement the rest of the décor, and start painting. You can go for matte, gloss or chalky finish and make the planter look better than the brand-new one from the thrift store. Another creative idea to dress up a planter would be to wrap garden twine around it and with a little bit of hot glue, create a lovely little planter for your plants.

Final thoughts
Refreshing your home can be done quickly, easily and for a reasonable amount of money. All you need to do is look for some flowers and plants to breathe in life to your interior, repaint the walls, polish up furniture and make sure your carpets are clean. Afterward, you’ll feel like you’ve just moved into a brand-new home.