Basements are a great add-on to almost any home. Not only is this a typical place for storage, but some homeowners also transform their basements into living spaces980. Regardless of how you use your basement when you suddenly notice smells of sewage or sulfur, there’s a reason for concern. If you’ve run into this issue and need answers, then keep reading this explanation to reasons your basement smells like sewage and how to fix it.

How Serious is This?

Interestingly, the basement is one of the most common areas for plumbing concerns, so an odor coming from this area often indicates plumbing problems.

That pungent smell of rotten eggs sometimes occurs because of the gas released from the break. This blend of gasses is flammable and a health hazard if it’s not removed from the area. Sewer gas can contain ammonia, carbon monoxide, and more.

Reasons Your Basement Smells

Nothing is quite as unpleasant as this odor, especially when it’s within your home. As you investigate reasons your basement smells like sewage and how to fix it, look at the typical culprits such as the following:

  • Floor Drains
  • Ejector Pumps
  • Sewer Lines

A broken sewer line is among the most serious out of all these issues and requires expert repair until it can function properly. Determining the cause of the smell often means making a bit of trial and error to rule out various possibilities.


If you’ve noticed this smell alongside other common leakage signs, then consider doing a water leak test in addition to calling a plumber. The more you know about the issue, the easier it becomes to solve, and this isn’t something to procrastinate on fixing.

How To Remove the Smell

Removing this unpleasant scent partially depends on the cause, but contacting a plumber is the best way to get a repair done. You can ensure everything is properly resolved with help from an expert.

Ventilate the Space

Once you’ve handled the issue at hand, you could also get rid of the smell by increasing ventilation in your basement. So, turn on a dehumidifier, fan, or open a few windows if possible. The more air you circulate, the faster you’ll be rid of this stench, and that means getting to enjoy your basement once again.