Are you willing to do a small contribution to the environmental protection? I bet everyone will say yes. Then let’s start from our home such as dream bedrooms. From now on, we should try to use environmental protection materials to reduce the carbon release amounts.

The recyclable paper made home decorating ornaments are more and more popular such as recyclable paper reticule. They can have bright colors, beautiful appearances and are easy to wash, light quantity as well as has strong practicability. And the most important thing is that the material can be recycled, which is the largest saving for the natural resourses.
Home occupation: small type home utensils, hone ornaments, lighting, hand bag
Tips: for paper made furniture, you should keep them away from moister. And you cannot merge into the water for a long time and have to keep the room dry and ventilated.


As to the thick and whippy felt, it is very soft and comfortable when you touch it, which not only loved by the designers of garment accessories, but also accepted by the home designers. From cup mat to storage bucket, you can find out that many homing places use felt material. The natural and recyclable characters of the felt are in accord with the environmental protection concept.
Home applying: carpet, dinner mat, storage bucket, handbag
Tips: it is easy to absorb the dust for the felt appearance. You may use fur tool to clean the dust. Besides, you should softly massage it when washing.

Key words: recyclable, cyclic utilization
Pure wood or solid wood furniture, without deep processing, do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, which remain the original ecology for the wood.
Home usage: desk, chair, coffee table, cabinet
Tips: you should key them away from moister and wet and direct sunshine.


The furniture made by natural rattan is environmental protection. The crafts plus plain natural style can relax the home atmosphere. The winter warm and summer cool rattan furniture will be more shining and bearable. If you match the fabric back cushion on it, it seems more fashion.
Home usage: chair, desk, storage bucket, ornaments
Tips: you should keep the rattan made items away from stove and longtime exposing to the sunshine.


The growth circle is very short for the bamboo, often three to four years. It is a recyclable resource. The furniture made by bamboo has high hardness, strong toughness, wet and heat absorption function. It is especially suitable for the hot summer. What is more, it is not easy to change color and can absorb the harmful gases from the indoors.
Home usage:

Tips: in winter, it is easy to crack in the super dry environment. You have to keep the indoor moister. Click here to learn more.