Protecting Women Homeowners From Remodeling Disasters and Unethical Contractors

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Knowing this before you choose a general contractor and sign on the dotted line could very well keep you from having a home remodeling nightmare and horror story to share with family and friends.

Ever wonder why everyone you talk to knows someone who has had a home remodeling nightmare or they themselves have had an encounter with the Contractor From Hell?

Well sadly it’s become the norm, almost acceptable and that’s wrong. In fact, it’s criminal. Homeowners should not have to be held hostage by unethical contractors and can do much to protect themselves by researching their potential contractor and understanding what your contract states -and more importantly – what it should state and include.

As for the laws protecting the homeowner, you’ll learn from others who have been through the legal fight, the frustration and realization that the agencies set up to protect homeowners simply cannot do enough to enforce their own laws intended to govern contractors. Contractors frequently violate these laws and get away with it. That is, until somebody bothers to file a complaint.

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Unscrupulous contractors don’t abide by these laws and that’s simply a character issue. Character, meaning negligent, arrogant, deceitful, careless, lazy, and doesn’t give a damn. That’s how they live their lives. The ugly side of human nature and they’re fine with it. Disciplinary actions by regulatory agencies doesn’t deter them from doing it again.

In my humble opinion, the disciplinary action imposed upon these contractors isn’t severe enough to prevent them from breaking the laws or repeating their behavior. It has to really hurt them hard – which for these characters is all about the money – and is the only thing that matters to the unethical contractor. Then we need to disclose and expose these crooks as quickly as possible. Until we can make these changes (via the Legislature) American consumers will continue to be plagued by corrupt contractors.

But find yourself an ethical contractor who knows and insists on quality construction, abides by the construction laws, hires licensed subs and shows up for a full days work on a regularly scheduled basis – and is great at keeping you informed of progress or unanticipated problems – you will be a very happy homeowner when all is said and done. I’ve been there since the earlier dark days, and boy it’s like night and day or I should say heaven and hell!