You’ve heard it before. You’ve read it on websites, books and brochures offering tips on hiring and working with contractors. Never give cash for remodeling projects. Yet, there are some people who do based on the notion that they will get a discount in price for cash. And they believe they have it covered as they put it in writing in a contract provided by the contractor. And they gave the contractor 30% up front to begin. They have checked references and license status and are satisfied they made a good choice.

Well, surprise, surprise. Trouble begins.

The contractor begins the work, and suddenly become a no-show. He’s hard to get ahold of and doesn’t return your phone calls. Then he shows up one day and has some lame excuses as to why he’s been gone but he’s back and ready to work. But there’s one thing; he’s going to need more money to buy materials, supplies, whatever. Frustrated, you begin to ask questions on what has he done with the money you gave him and an argument ensues. Then it hits you: you’re being robbed!

Well, this is a scenario that has happened and continues to happen despite the warnings given. I’ve gotten emails about this over the years and I’m always amazed that anyone would even entertain the thought of giving cash to a contractor. In an industry that has a reputation for being less than trustworthy, ( due to the smarmy contractors that ruin it for everyone) I just don’t understand how folks would risk loosing their hard-earned money.

Don’t fall for the offer of getting a reduced cost for a project in return for cash payouts. It’s a scam and no reputable contractor would engage in that kind of shady business dealings. If you’re ever approached by some company to play this game, walk away as fast as you can. If they are licensed, you might even report them to the state contractors’ board and put a stop to this kind of egregious behavior. The only one who looses is the homeowner and you have little recourse once the money is gone.

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