There are a few rules and regulations you need to follow before starting the process of renovating your home. Check with your HOA for specifics.

When it comes to home renovations, there are several rules homeowners need to follow. Of course, you need to decide what you want your home to look like and find a contractor that can properly implement your vision. But before you start that, there are some remodeling rules and regulations homeowners should follow.

Zoning Restrictions 

First up, you need to check the zoning restrictions for your area. Depending on what you plan to remodel, you’ll need to secure permission to expand your home. Make sure you confirm what you can build on your property. Your local zoning laws might prevent certain activities.

If the area you’re looking to build on holds historical significance, you might receive some pushback. Get a clear understanding of the restrictions, and include the project’s specifics before you get the ball rolling. Know precisely where the property line is, so you don’t cross it.

Valid Building Permits 

Next, you must obtain valid building permits before starting renovations or remodeling. People often forget this step because they are so focused on the renovations. For every location, there are specific building permits. Never assume that what applies to one neighbor applies to you as well. Just as your project is unique to your home, so are the rules and regulations.

Even minor projects might require a remodeling permit, so check in with your local building department. Remember that a reputable and licensed contractor will not start on a project without the proper permits. Never hire someone who skips over this step.

Proper Debris Disposal 

If you’re working on a big project, you’ll need a place to dispose of all that debris and construction waste. You’ll need to rent a dumpster to dispose of all the waste properly. Make sure you check with your local HOA on the rules for dumpsters. You don’t want to violate or get fined for a simple oversight you could have prevented.

HOA and Condo Association 

Speaking of HOA, they need to be a part of this entire process. If you have an HOA, condo association, or co-op board, you need their approval to start renovating. Run through the first two tips before checking in with them so that they know you’ve covered all your bases when you present the project.

There might be extra contingencies if you live in a condo because you’ll need to consider your neighbors. You don’t want to start renovating without getting their okay first because then you’ll need to undo all your progress.

Remodeling your home takes a lot of work on your part and the contractor’s part. Make sure you follow these rules and regulations so you can get the results you want.