Thinking about renovating your garage? And creating the perfect space for your workshop? Check out these smart tips to build your dream garage now.

Over half of the housing units in the United States have garages. But how many of them are used for something other than clutter, a few tools, and boxes that never get unpacked?

The electric garage door was invented in the 1920s. Since then, many homeowners have gone on to transform their garages into movie theaters, living spaces, and ultimate man caves.

With all that extra space in your home, you shouldn’t waste it. In fact, there is so much that you can do to transform that space into your dream garage.

Are you thinking about renovating your garage? Are you looking for ideas and tips to do so?

Check out these 8 essential tips for building your dream garage.

Build a Higher Frame

If you’re still in the planning and building stages for your home or garage, make the door space even higher!

Say you decide to go kayaking one day. You back your car out of the garage, get your kayak down from the wall and strap it to the roof of your car. You enjoy a peaceful day of gliding on the water and strap it back onto your car to return home.

Slightly stunned by the sun and your workout, your drive right into your garage without thinking. But there isn’t enough room! The kayak is damaged by the top of the frame, and the top of your car is scratched. Why not opt for a taller door frame so that you never have to worry about not having enough space?

Insulate It

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your garage, you want it to feel cozy. The best start to doing so is to insulate the walls, cover the insulation, and then paint your space (you could buy your paint using Affirm financing too if you needed to spread your payments out).

You’ll stay cooler in the hotter months and warmer in the colder months. Plus, no matter what you end up using your garage for, you’ll be happy it’s insulated.

Focus on the Tools

The most exciting aspect of a garage is all the tools you may be able to find. Tools are handy, every homeowner should have some, and what better way to keep your tools organized than with coveted toolbox or bench.

Gather all the tools that you have and determine what you need to add. Opt for a box if your selection is small. If you have a lot of tools and you plan to add more, get something like this workbench to keep them safe and organized.

Heat Your Floors

Nothing is worse than having to work on your beloved vintage convertible on a cold, concrete floor. If you heat your floors, the possibilities are endless. You could turn your garage into a playroom, a living room, or a man cave.

Plus, if you do love to work a lot and find yourself on the floor now and then while you’re fixing or building, you’ll be thankful for the warmth of the floors.

Build a Drive-Thru

Nothing is more convenient than having two doors instead of one. For one thing, it makes for loading and hitching things to your car or truck much easier. It also provides excellent ventilation. So should you want to build something, work on a car, or paint, you can use your beloved space without having to worry about fumes or proper airflow.

And, if you decide to have a party or a BBQ in your backyard, you can ask guests to enter through the garage and use that shelter as inside party space.

Add Storage and Outlets

Do you like the look of things on shelves and hanging from above and stacked on top of each other?

If not, and if you’re looking for a cleaner aesthetic, add some storage to your garage. And make the most of the space. You could add enclosed storage all alone one wall and keep the top of it as a surface for cutting, building, or decorating. You could even put a TV on it and keep all your cords, tools, toys, and everything else hidden.

Make Sure You Have Enough Outlets

If you don’t want to keep tripping over extension cords and looking for another outlet to plug in your tools.

Add enough outlets for where you need them and make sure they’re within reach. You’ll be happy you have plenty of options for tools, a radio, a TV, a mini-fridge, and any other electronic device you may use in your dream garage workshop.

Make It Yours

Figure out what you’ll be using it for the most and add what you think will contribute to that time you’ll be spending in your garage.

You could install a comfy couch and a flat-screen, and a mini-fridge for those long days of working on your car. You can get creative with your lighting and sound system as well!

And if you’re in the beginning stages and you still have a chance to add a window, do it! You want to make sure that you have good air-flow and clean breathing air while you’re working or spending time in your garage.

Enjoy Your Dream Garage!

Everyone needs a space where they can feel free and do what they love. A dream garage is the perfect idea to transform space that’s already a part of your home.

And if you’re building from scratch, you can easily fulfill every wish that pertains to the garage of your dreams.  If you enjoy building and contemplating on turning this hobby to a career, the best way to start is to generate leads in your local area. Be sure to read about lead generation tips for contractors and start your road to success.

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