Open-plan kitchens are a popular innovation for any home. They encompass the best of every design feature and create an airy, inviting area that is multi-purpose too. Usually, there will be a place to relax, somewhere to eat, and an all-important cooking prep zone. To fit all this in comfortably might sound like a challenge, but it works surprisingly well. Here are some renovation tips for the ultimate open-plan kitchen.

Color Choice is Essential

Moving through each zone of the open-plan kitchen area, there needs to be some sort of color theme that ties everything together. Some people opt for differentiating the various areas with dedicated paint jobs, while others prefer to remain committed to just one throughout. For an open-plan kitchen, bright clean neutral tones work best to optimise the space and reduce the upkeep. Cleaning walls will be essential in a kitchen, after all! There are always traditional tiles to consider for the cooking area too, which complement the kitchen vibe perfectly and represent authenticity.

The Media Entertainment Zone

Entertainment is also key. The majority of open-plan kitchen designs incorporate media into the plans to ensure that there is a recreational centre for the people who live there, and for hosting guests as well. Furniture like a focal tv unit works well to accomplish this, provides a great storage solution, and comes in a variety of styles to fit any decorative theme.

Seating Thoughts

Seating areas are essential for comfortable dining. Everything from modern stools to older-style dining chair options is out there for your browsing pleasure, and research is key. Search through an expert furniture provider like Vidaxl to get a true depiction of the range of styles to see what will suit your bespoke aesthetic. Pair them off with a breakfast bar, or a feature-worthy dining table to bring the area to life!

Separating Areas

With open-plan kitchens, there is also the consideration of how to separate the spaces. While some designs prefer to keep everything flowing as one big area, an open plan also works well when it has key areas divided up strategically. Try adding some storage solutions to create corners or standalone screens to reduce the effects of noise pollution and create a little more intimacy. Tall houseplants like indoor trees also work well in this area.

The Flooring

Keeping the floor consistent across all the zones is cost-effective and easier to clean or replace. However, it doesn’t allow for much flexibility or distinction between the various areas. One idea is to place a suitable rug in the recreational zone, in front of a sofa or comfortable chairs. This will add warmth and comfort and represent the living and entertainment aspect of the open plan in a more defined way. Alternatively, floor dividers are physical lines that cross-section areas to create physical borders along the way.

The Small Details

Plants are mentioned briefly above, but they are an essential asset for this style of living. They not only breathe life into the air and purify the air, but they are also beautiful design features as well. The right plant complements the design perfectly. You also have plenty of choices here for creating diversity in the areas, like ceramic storage pots in the kitchen zone and inspiring patterns for the throws and cushions on the comfy seating. Candles, crockery, and curtains are all key features as well, and easily forgotten about when you’re focusing on creating the bigger picture.

Staying Tidy

It is essential for open plan spaces to keep everything organised from top to bottom. Otherwise, the clutter will quickly become overwhelming. You have a spacious area that needs organisation at its core. This can be achieved through:

  • Suitable shelving units or wall storage up high.
  • Choosing your kitchen cupboards carefully because they will dictate the overarching feel of the general area.
  • Wall hooks for pots, pans, and essential utensils.
  • Storage boxes and drawers can be installed underneath key furniture.


Open-plan kitchens require a decent amount of planning to successfully execute a vision. They are great areas with versatile purposes if you manage to create the desired effect. Don’t forget to add the small details to add to the primary design features.