At this point in the quarantine, many of us are certainly beginning to loathe our own homes. Looking at the same interior day after day can be a real drag on your mental health, and it begins to feel like a real prison. To breathe new life into your home’s appearance and sustain your sanity, here are some renovations to refresh your home.

Revamp the Entryway

Your front porch and interior foyer are the most important parts of your home for creating a positive first impression. The few times you’ve left your home to get necessities like groceries, you may dread walking up to your front door because you just want to be anywhere else. But a fresh entryway can change how you view the rest of your home. Provide yourself a new amenity, such as a porch swing, that will allow you to enjoy some fresh air without straying from your house. Furthermore, if you live in an older home, renovating the entryway is a great way to give the place a better, more modern appearance.

Redesign Backsplashes

Most common in bathrooms and the kitchen, backsplashes are the tiled areas of the wall that fill in spaces and provide an aesthetic flourish to the room. These are a great renovation to refresh your home because you can either have professionals replace them with a modern design or take it upon yourself to replace the backsplashes as an enjoyable DIY project. Using various colors and designs, you can give these parts of the house an all-new atmosphere without making any major and expensive changes.

Update Light Fixtures

Lighting plays a huge role in our mood and comfort. Harsh white light might feel too clinical and unpleasant, while soft yellow lights might feel dated and unappealing. Experiment to discover what lights you like the best—or you could think outside the box and try decorating your room with something like fairy lights. We recommend these because they’re fantastic for mood lighting. Light and soft, they’re good for winding down in the evenings and getting comfortable.