“Hey guys! Found your website while researching about how to deal with contractors. I am about to begin a home renovation project, and I must say thank you for creating this website! I’m not going into this project expecting problems, but I can say now that I am very much more prepared if and /or when they present. Thanks again, this information is priceless!”

– Nate

“For over 16 years, you have been an advocate for consumers, providing information and resources to help guide them through the contacting process. Your active website and your “Home Remodeling Bootcamp” are continuing to provide valuable assistance to this day.”

– David Fogt, Chief
Enforcement Diviision
Contractors State License Board

“Great site — it really puts the hazards of dealing with contractor-bozos into chilling perspective… I was a general contractor for about 20 years, but have retired from remodeling and am now a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors.”

– Paul S.

“Hi Jody, I just completed your course and enjoyed it! I have not started my project yet, but feel better prepared.”

– Phil G.

“Dear Jody, Thank you so much for creating this course. We are so much more confident moving forward with our remodel and learned a lot. And I know we’ll be finding a great contractor – we’ve started the interview process and one of the contractors was even impressed with what we knew and with the questions we asked. Thank again for all your help.”

– Sharon P.

“Hi Jody, I love your web site. The information is invaluable. I sat down with your ‘Home Remodeling Bootcamp” a couple of weeks ago and never got up until I read every module. Thank you!”

– Carol K.

“Jody Costello’s website – Contractors From Hell.com – is a must-read for homeowners who have endured – or who hope to avoid – dishonest or incompetent home builders and re-modelers.”

– Los Angeles Times (Feb 22, 2004).

“Thanks so much for this website and for the extremely valuable information you’ve provided on your site. You’re doing great work. Unfortunately I did not find you until too late, and am now in the process of firing my General Contractor for his failure to honor the terms of our contract. I will definitely sign up for your course before I hire anyone else to finish the work on my house. Thanks again for your time!”

– Polly T.

“This is a great site! I found it while going through the same misery and was thinking about making a web site … I was a bureau chief in a regulatory agency and actually worked on the regulation side. The problem is that state contractor laws seem to be primarily written by the contractor special interest, not by the citizens with no affiliation to contractors.Thanks.”

– H.M. Jones.

“I learned so much from this class- Home Remodeling Bootcamp - it is the only homeowner perspective class. It made so much sense after having a bad remodeling experience. I will take to heart what I learn, and use it to hire an ethical contractor and by having a well-written contract. Jody helped me figure things out, and if it wasn't for her, I would not have known this much, and have gotten this far and closure to this experience. It is very important to take this class because prevention is so much better than trying to fix a mess!”

– Robert Perrett (and his mom).