The roof of a home is one of the most important features of any home. Roofs provide a variety of functions, are very easily damaged, and can lead to a variety of problems if they are not in tip-top shape. In fact, there is such a premium on roofs of good condition that roof renovations can increase your home value significantly! Continue reading to learn why a roof renovation might be the best investment you can make.

Functions of a Roof

In order to understand exactly why potential homebuyers would put a premium on a recently-renovated roof, it is important to understand exactly what a roof does for your home. Most importantly, roofs provide shelter for the rest of your home from the elements. This is especially important concerning rain and snow, as these two types of precipitation could cause rusting, mold, rotting, and other problems with the other materials used in your home’s construction. Since shingles are waterproof, they force rain and moisture to run off of your roof into the gutters, and then out and away from your home.

In addition to providing shelter from the elements, roofs also provide insulation. Since roofs trap the cold or warm air from your home, they cause your home to become more energy-efficient, keeping the outside air out while retaining your conditioned or heated air. Beyond these two functions, roofs also provide the first line of defense against nuisance animals and pests. When a roof is in good repair, it provides an excellent way to keep animals out of your attic and home.

Problems Roofs Can Have

There are many ways in which a roof can become damaged or worn out over time. One of the most common problems that happen is when shingles begin to get old and dilapidated, and then start to fall off. A solid layer of shingles that are tightly packed to the roof is important, as they keep moisture out and provide insulative properties. If these shingles begin to come apart at all, more moisture gets into the home’s materials, more hot and cold air can enter, and nuisance animals can even start to make their way in.

Another problem that can begin to happen with a roof is when the decking of the roof becomes damaged or worn out. This can happen because the shingles begin to allow moisture in, or it could happen from storm damage or even nuisance animal damage. If the decking of your home is bad, it will prevent any new shingles from effectively doing their job either. If you notice that your roof seems to be having any of these problems, it would be smart to contact to a roof contractor to learn more about roof renovation.

Benefits of Roof Renovation

Roof renovation might seem like a costly endeavor initially until the true financial situation is completely analyzed. Having a roof renovation performed for your house can not only keep the other building materials of your home dry and protected, but it can also gain you more money in your home’s appreciating resale value. Since roof renovations provide such an immediate benefit to any home, the price of any home that gets a new roof goes up dramatically.

The Roof Renovation Process

While having your roof renovated might seem like a big deal, it can actually be a very simple process. Most people prefer to have a professional construction company perform roof renovations, as they are large projects that require expertise. To begin with, a roof renovation contractor will examine your current roof, the decking, and other parts of your home in order to figure out what they are dealing with. They will get you an estimate and begin work at your behest.

The first step of the process is the removal of the old roof. Once this is done, consider looking in your attic and at your roof for any signs of nuisance animal damage, as it can be easy to see at this stage. If you see signs of an animal infestation, it might be smart to ask a professional at A&D Construction Plus to learn more about wildlife removal. Once the old roof is off, a new roof will be constructed, providing your home with a formidable first layer of protection from the elements, weather, and nuisance wildlife.