Roof Construction

A roof is an upper construction of a house which makes a significant part of the place where people live and make their daily activities. It could be made of different materials, of steel, wood, concrete, stone. Roof tiles are mostly making an unexceptional part of a roof construction. Therefore, the material roof tiles are made from is mostly related to material that roof are made from in general, so again speaking about diverse natural material such as concrete, stone, terracotta…

Roof tiles are a small material, a part which makes roof’s construction as a puzzle, traditionally made from locally available materials such as terracotta or slate. It is made in order to keep out rain so the people who are inside the house could be safe. We live in a modern age, so we are all familiar with the effects of global warming and environmental issues. There is a huge reason why people are appointing to this problem, and it is affecting our daily life, so people are trying to implement some stuff in everyday usage in order to save the environment. It is affecting roof construction and material so nowadays we have modern materials such as concrete and plastic which are used in this field. Concrete and plastic make roof tiles waterproof for the safer environment and people who are in the house under the roof.

The tiles could be shaped differently, so there are flat tiles, roman tiles. Roof tiles have a large history and were made in the period of ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, in the Mycenaean period for example. Because it is an ancient material made in an ancient period, there is an old recipe for making roof tiles which was given to the humans and they have been using and improving this recipe since forever. Making roof tiles from the beginning till now, made it a profitable job spreading it all over the world. There are so many nations and civilization that made their own type of roof tiles, shaped and colored diverse. Different civilization uses different material for making tiles. Everyone makes it in their own way and that is the reason for such diversity of roof tiles, it could have different shape (flat in the middle, cylindrical, with a concave or a convex curve), a different material made of (clay, stone, wood, plastic, concrete, or even solar) and what is for some people maybe most important, differently colored (mostly the original color of clay, red, but also green, black, brown and the color anyone could imagine).

A roof is representing a huge part of your home so the color selection could represent a huge decision for the owner of the house. There are so many experts like Storm Pros Roofing And Construction competent people well informed about the roof structure who could easily help the house owners to choose tiles made of fine material and of relevant color that will fit in the general design of the house and ensure high quality.

  • Roof colors 

When you select the color of your roof you should know about experimenting with contrast colors or choosing more subtle differences. You will probably want to avoid identical colors. Color diversity gives the spirit to outside colors. If you are changing the color of façade at the same time, think about to choose roof color firstly because there are diverse colors of façade but there are less roof colors sadly. Always remember your roof gives 30% of visual effect of your home in total so it is even more important to choose the right color. A visual effect experiment could be recommended to house owners, that they put all the roof tile samples with different colors in one place and next to it the samples of colored façades in order to select the right one and find the perfect match.

Furthermore there are a lot of details people should be aware of while selecting the right roof color. Someone could be surprised what difference is relating to details such as rain gutter and eaves. Many experienced roof experts would agree that matching colors of roof and rain gutter is the best approach because rain gutters are not much involved in the house style so the less you see it is better. People should be attentive about this small but visually important detail because it will for sure make such a significant effect on their home.

Every house owner should know that the color of a roof tile is so much important for the roof style at first. Selecting the right color referring to the already mentioned experiment should be the first step but paying attention to the details is not less important. The important detail is the heat and the sun light on your roof. Your roof absorbs the sun heat and reflecting it on the house. Brighter colors refuse better than the dark ones, so the brighter color has been chosen the more you will enjoy in the freshness of your home. On the other side people should not overreact and select the extreme bright color such as white. And not paying so much attention on the color, owners should keep in mind the house isolation because it is the best protection from the heat and cold. Then people who live inside the house could be safe and careless.

  • House environment 

Additionally, the profile and the environment of your house could have a significant role in general impression of the house. We know that there are a lot of different environments, places where houses are being located. People live in big cities, smaller towns, in so many diverse settlements and villages, in urban or rural places. Furthermore one could have a small or a bigger yard, plants or without it around the house or with some stuff and objects more around the house. Every single thing that has been mentioned has an enormous effect on selecting the right roof color. After you choose the roof color, you should equally consider the rest of the environment around your house. Therefore, the same roof color should be repeated in a smaller amount on three different locations around the house, for example the color of your mailbox, some stuff in the garden, garage door or the fence. It is more important to use the same color if those things are being located in front of the house. It will give a powerful effect and everybody will be impressed by the outside look of your home and your creativity. The appearance of your construction will be well-balanced implementing all the recommendation.