A typical gas heating system is intended to be in a house for between 15 and 30 years. 15 years after the first installation, it is advised that the search should be started for a substitute gas heater. One of the main considerations a homeowner must make is; if a gas heating system needs to be fixed instead of replaced.

There can be a lot of reasons why you may need to replace your heater, so it isn’t easy to point out one reason. However, we can provide you with a few tips to help you decide when it is time for a heater replacement, depending on your experience and the issues you are facing with your heater.

The phase has emanated for the gas heater replacement the minute–

  • The gas heater has reached the age between 15-30 years

If you have been calling a professional repair and maintenance service provider, then the chances are that you may have faced very few problems with your heater. However, once the heater has crossed its time of 5 years, it is best to start looking for a gas heater replacement. It is for a very simple reason that once the heater reaches its age, it will start to consume more energy and slowly decrease its efficiency.

  • You hear loud noises every time you switch on the gas

  • Popping: This is caused by temperature changes or pockets of air within your gas heater. You can call an expert to check the gas heating system for any temperature changes that can be the source of the noise.
  • Rattling: Unstable or loose ducts or any part of the equipment can create rattling sounds. Moreover, this can even cause trouble for you in case the loose pieces fall off. Hence, consult a skilled contractor and get your gas heater replacement done.
  • Screeching: This noise could be either because the furnace blower motor is broken or the belt or the pulley is faulty due to age. With the help of a professional, you can opt for gas heater replacement.
  • Humming: The furnace blower engine generates a buzzing sound. It is time for gas heater replacement or invest in a new furnace if the noise gets excessive.
  • Clicking: The malfunctioning of the igniter causes this clicking sound, which people generally encounter. However, with the technician’s help, you can solve this issue by standard gas heater replacement process.
  • Booming: This noise is usually caused by a slight delay in the igniting process, causing a persistent gas odor. This might indicate that your furnace has a serious gas emission issue and that the gas heater must be replaced by a professional.
  • Impulsive rise and fall in heat from corner to corner of the house

When an aging furnace is 15, efficiency and the ability to effectively distribute heat across your house are gradually lost. Changes in temperature between the rooms are strong evidence for the necessity of gas heater replacement. If you ignore it, then every month, your energy expenses will increase markedly.

How Might I Maintain and Repair My Gas Furnace? 

Predictable Cleaning and Filter Replacement 

You needn’t bother with proficient mastery to show your heater the TLC it consistently requires. As a matter of first importance, you should clean or supplant your heater’s channel each month (or all the more regularly, if your producer proposes it). While it’s not entirely obvious this task, clean channels can lessen your month-to-month charge and expand your heater’s life significantly.

Furthermore, you’ll need to clean your blower and engine regularly, taking out soil and residue that could lessen effectiveness or cause mechanical issues. Cling to your producer’s guidelines for cleaning these parts, and make certain to wind down your heater before you start.


Take a look at the overall cost of your repair; if the entire cost of the repair effort exceeds half the cost of installing a new furnace, it’s time for gas heater replacement. A gas heater replacement may put a stop to those extra expenditures right now. Gas heaters that have broken down should be fixed by a professional team of experts and plumbers. Moreover, consider these points while looking for firms that offer installation, replacement, and other repair services.