If you are aiming for an elegant kitchen, you need to choose the best materials and colors to use for your decorations. Like for example in your countertop, you can select different materials and designs such as granite and marbles for your upgrade. However, in this time of age, using quartz is up on the trend.

It’s an engineered stone used as a material in designing a kitchen countertop. This stone is proven durable and non-porous. Homeowners consider this kind as the most hygienic because of its high resistance against stains and scratch, thanks to its industrial origin.

It also comes in a variety of patterns, techniques, and colors. These could imitate other stones like granite and marble but way more durable, clean and stylish. That said, here are the top 10 trending colors and styles of a quartz countertop you don’t want to miss.

Sparkling Black
For those who love the black color, this color is the best choice for you. Sparkling black is perfect for a durable countertop, accent walls, and even floors. It has a black background with vibrant sparkles and highlights.

Hazel Blend
This style is a light-golden brown color which complements well with gray shades. Hazel blend has a delicate and softer approach when used to design your kitchen. A versatile neutral shade with a perfect mix of modern tone and femininity is an ideal choice for your kitchen countertop.

Carrara Grigio
Carrara Grigio has a white background that produces a sensible and elegant appearance that can garner attention. If you are a fan of this type of marble, this style and color is best for you. It imitates the gorgeous look of marble while providing the excellent quality features of it. Carrara grigio is also easy to clean and maintenance free.

Grey is a neutral tone which is perfect for a more delicate and subtle style. A mellow light grey tone is also a nice blend with interior design genres that can add up to a serene and romantic foundation. These are durable type of marble that offers scratch and stain resistance.

Uba Tuba
Uba tuba is also one of the most popular quartz countertop colors besides granite. These are mostly dark green with blue, black, white and light gold flecks with a veining and tight grain design. Uba tuba can go well with brown, cream or white shades cabinets in the kitchen.

Calacatta is unique and finely detailed style with a soft white and striking blue-grey veining which makes it stunning. This goes well with brown and black cabinet for contrast. Calacatta design also provides an elegant aesthetics that fits your kitchen.

If you prefer to have a clean and simple kitchen, you can go for a classic pure white style. In choosing for kitchen decoration, going for the simplest route will be the best.

Black and White
Black and white is the ideal choice of color for almost any mediums. Combining neutral colors with black and white is an excellent idea as it counters different shades easily. Black and white also provides a rustic but dazzling focus in a smaller kitchen.

If you are looking for a classic and rustic look but has a less maintenance countertop, the Coronado style is the best choice you have.

Coronado is mainly color brown, but there is also an available color gold, merlot, rust and, beige. It is alluring and enticing which will create an artistic look if contrasted with cream shades.

Custom Purple
If you wish to have a feminine and mysterious look, a deep purple is a good choice for you. Custom purple is also a scratch, stain and high-temperature resistance.

There are different types of quartz you can choose in renovating your kitchen countertop. You need to fit the color to the overall appearance of your kitchen. If you are looking for a countertop with a high stain and scratch resistance, you can use engineered stone materials to enhance the beauty of your kitchen.