It can be difficult to work with contractors, but not all of them are the same. A good contractor can perform beyond your expectations. Knowing that you are a good contractor can help determine what you can ask of them. It also helps ensure their trustworthiness. When working on a major construction project, knowing that you can trust your contractor can be worth it. Here are some signs that show you are working with a contractor to trust.

Smart recommendations

A good sign that you have a good contractor is that they provide solid recommendations on how to solve problems with your project. For example, if your construction project location is prone to flooding, they can recommend an L shape concrete retaining wall. While mainly used for controlling erosion, retaining walls can also act as barriers against rising floodwaters. It is a very affordable approach to keeping your property dry. With recommendations like this, you know that the contractor is on your side.

Constant communication

Communication is the foundation of any good relationship. A contractor that provides you with regular updates is someone you can trust. Depending on how often you want to keep tabs on the project, this can be daily or weekly. Knowing what is going on with the construction allows you to make the right decisions when necessary. Your contractor’s responsiveness can also be a good sign. If you call or e-mail them, you should get a call from them within 24 hours. This quick response shows that they are prioritizing your needs.

Competitive pricing

Construction is expensive. It is understandable that contractors often have different prices. Don’t be fooled by high prices being equal to best performance. Some contractors charge higher prices because they think you have no choice. Instead, ask for quotes from different contractors. They all should be within a reasonable range of each other. Average pricing means they are following industry standards. This means the contractor is not gouging you. Honest prices also mean that they are less likely to cheat you on materials. A big red flag would be a contractor asking for full payment before any work. Paying the fee can result in low-quality or unfinished work.

Professional demeanor

Respect from your contractor is a good sign. A good contractor acts like a professional. That means treating you like an honored customer. For example, if you have any questions about the project, they should be willing to answer them promptly. Being professional means, you can trust them to do their job without always overseeing them.

A good contractor can make your construction project much easier. You can leave them instructions and trust them to do everything right. Additionally, they will likely be in constant communication with you throughout the entire project. Take note of the signs above to know that you can trust the contractor you are working with. Once you work with a good one, you should always keep them in mind for future projects.