If you own a house, you must already be familiar with the roof maintenance at least a bit. If not maintained properly, your roof tiles can get damaged and they can end up causing damage to your living space. So, how can you spot the signs of a damaged roof? Here are a few of the most prominent signs, how you can spot them and how to deal with roof issues in general.

Plant growth

While roofs covered with vines, moss, and other vegetation may look nice and vintage, this is actually one of the signs that you need to renovate and repair your roof. This type of vegetation, though it has a very ancestral look, can extremely damage your roof. Moss is an especially problematic one.

Firstly, since plants retain moisture, your roof will undergo severe discoloration. This can also cause the roof to dry faster and therefore crack sooner too. The plants on your roof can also divert the path of water and end up rooting deep into the tiles. Once again, you will end up having to deal with severely ruined and damaged roof. So, if you notice plants growing around your roof, make sure to call professionals and get that checked as soon as possible.

Curling of slate tiles and shingles

Another sign is when your roof slates start curling. When you notice your shingles curling or getting buckled, it’s time to reach out to experts and get your roof checked. Two possible reasons behind tile curling are excessive moisture and lack of ventilation – most of the time these two are simultaneously affecting your roof. In the end, this can result in your roof tiles falling off or even cracking completely.

Other than moisture and lack of ventilation, your tiles may also be curling simply because they are old. Tiles age after a while and then they simply need to be replaced.

Damaged flashings

Flashings are placed on skylights, chimneys, and other important spots on your roof in order to prevent water from getting through some of the week points of your roof and end up leaking into your home. They are meant to reinforce these weak points and add extra insulation. If they deteriorate they can cause water leaks and much bigger damage to the entire house, not just the roof. So, make sure to inspect them every once in a while.

Your slate roof lines are sagging

If you notice your slate roof lines sagging, this is a more serious issue. Take a look at the roof lines. Are they moving in a straight line or are these points more curved downwards? If your roof is sagging, it will eventually collapse. So, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. This kind of issue requires immediate attention from an expert. Some of the causes of this issue are rotten sheathing, rotten pillars, rotten columns, or accumulated ice and snowfall during harsh winter seasons.

Continual leaks

Leaks can happen every once in a while and they don’t have to be severely harmful. However, if these leaks tend to happen often and you don’t tend to them they can cause damage to your whole house.

Some of the causes behind these leaks can be heavy rain showers, severe hail, and other unfortunate weather conditions. So, make sure you maintain and inspect your roof often. Understand the importance of ventilation and have a professional check your roof every once in a while to see if there are any leaks that need to be fixed.

Dealing with roof problems

Any kind of roof repair is best dealt with by a professional roofer who knows what they are doing. First of all, these experts have an immense amount of experience that lets them evaluate the situation and the roof problem quickly.

They worked under different circumstances and different materials so the will know what works for your roof best. Also, by fixing the issue with professional equipment and experience they will make sure that this problem doesn’t arise again. So, if you notice any of the above-mentioned signs and roof issues, it’s best to consult an expert and get proper slate roof repairs services and make sure that your roof is properly maintained and fixed.

Roof Maintenance

These are some of the most essential steps you should take when it comes to basic roof maintenance:

  • Make sure to thoroughly inspect your interior space and look for possible leak signs, especially after a long period of rain and snow. For instance, look for moisture damage in your attic and all of your living areas.
  • Inspect your roof from the outside to see if there are any cracked tiles or any tiles that look like they are slowly slipping.
  • Check for fallen slates around your house.

Other than that, make sure you get professional annual inspections by experts who will help you spot these signs faster.


All in all, there is a number of different signs of a damaged slate roof. Whether it is about water leaks, damaged, curled, or twisted tiles, or something else, you need to inspect and maintain your roof regularly. In addition to that, make sure to get help from roof experts who will help you maintain and fix your roof properly.