Water filtration has always been a necessity when it comes to homeownership. Simply put, the water quality that the city provides often is inadequate for those who care about their health and wellness. As such, the interest in whole house filtration systems has skyrocketed as many start to realize the amazing benefits that these systems will provide your household. To help you make the decision on one of these systems, here are the top signs that you need a whole house filtration system!

Water Tastes Bad

One of the biggest complaints most will have with the city water is the taste that it presents. Often due to the filtration process and the presence of chlorine, many will find that the water may have a musty taste or smell. Some may also report the occurrence of a metallic taste, which may be a sign of mercury, lead, arsenic, and even iron. If you find that you have been experiencing these symptoms, it is surely time to invest in a whole house filtration system.

You Have an Older Home

More often than not, older homes have corroded pipes. After so many years of coming in contact with alkaline water and other hard minerals, pipes have a tendency to corrode and introduce lead into the water. Furthermore, older houses are more likely to employ lead piping in crucial areas such as the lead pipe, resulting in even higher levels of lead in the water supply. The best solution for this is any type of reverse osmosis or sediment filter. These filters are great at taking any inorganic compounds or minerals out of the water.

You Have Signs of Hard Water Buildup

It can be very annoying to constantly have to deal with cleaning the hard water deposits off of bowls after dishwashing. Furthermore, those hard water stains that show up on clothes are an absolute task to deal with! If you find that you are having to constantly deal with these enormous hassles, then consider getting a whole house filtration system to rid yourself of these annoyances.

If you have recognized some of these symptoms, it is definitely a sign you need a whole house filtration system. However, remember to do your research before purchasing these systems. Doing so will ensure you are happy with your purchase!