Your roof is a real warrior; it conquers the heat, stands tall during snow, and averts rainwater to get into your home. As it endures all these things every single day, your roof can get damaged, resulting in repairs, and occasionally, replacement.

In point of fact, roof repairs can be extremely expensive and wearisome, especially when the damage has become septic. Additionally, missing shingles and overlooked leaks can lead to a greater structural problem. Also, at times, the only alternative to deal with such problems will be its replacement.

However, the good news is you can maintain your roof to prevent costly repairs and replacement. This will also assist you in preparing your home for bushfire season if you live nearby a forest.

Below given are the simple tips and tricks to make your old roof look younger and new.

  • Evaluate your roof

Familiarising yourself with your roof can help you maintain its aesthetic look. Compile vital information on the material of the roof, its age, when was it last repaired, and was it ever replaced. This information will help you harbor an extensive issue in your roof.

Part of learning about your roof is checking it regularly, especially during the change of seasons. If you will understand the current status of your roof, then you can spot the trouble at the early stages and knock down costly repairs. Further, this step will even help you make your old roof look brand new always.

  • Clear off debris consistently

Your roof accumulates garland of snow, fights against screaming winds, and gets exposed to sun rays. But, it shouldn’t have to contend with the sack of debris. Therefore, clear off the burden of debris from your roof regularly.

If not removed, then debris can get collected in your gutters and clog them, causing draining issues. Further, debris accumulation can drop the curb appeal of your roof. So, clean the debris either with your hand, soft brush, or broom. Note that scraping your shingles can further damage your roof, so be gentle.

  • Trim the branches

The overhanging branches of the trees around your roof can impress your guests, but not your roof. Further, if they fall on your roof, then they will get accumulated, and later on, retain moisture. Afterward, it can begin rotting the shingles, making them look worn out.

If tree branches are hanging too closely or directly above the roof, then they need trimming. But, if it remains uncut, then the need of replacing the entire roof would arise.

  • Remove moss regularly

Moss has a habit of growing in wet and humid climates, also in shade and on sturdy surfaces. One of those fundamental areas is your roof. The moss on your roof adds color and creates a forest look onto your roof, but the damages it causes are no folk tale.

Over a period of time, the moss will grow on your roof, get piled up, then eventually lift the shingles away from the roof, allowing water to flow inside your home. When combined with debris, rainwater, and fallen leaves, it would cause rotting, making it look ugly. So, monitor them and remove them seasonally.

  • Arrest ice dam formation

An ice dam on your roof may give you a cinematic look, but they cause destruction when building up. This is what happens. After a snowfall, warm air will melt the piled-up snow and the meltwater will get trapped in between the shingles. Afterward, it will flow into your ceilings and peel off the paint.

Therefore, make sure you take precautionary steps for insulating your roof and house. This way your attic will stay cool, prevent ice dam formation, and eventually make your old roof look younger.

  • Clean the gutters

You must already be aware of the problems associated with clogged gutters. They can rot the woods and bubble the wall paint. If you overlook the gutter cleaning task, then its water can take a route into your home through the roof, damaging and making it look dull. Imagine, it would be an expensive kind of repair.

Hence, you should prevent the problems by cleaning the gutters on a timely basis. Whenever you head into the spring and fall seasons, kick off the project of gutter cleaning. If time doesn’t permit you to take on this task, then call in the professionals.

Get in touch with a roof cleaning company

No doubt, routine maintenance (by implementing the above tips) of your roof is important to make it look younger even in its 20s. But to ensure your roof is in good condition, it’s wise to develop a relationship with a roof cleaning company. They will inspect your roof annually and provide guidance and repair. You can also read What Are the Best and Worst Ways to Clean Your Roof

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