Believe it or not, one of the best times to undertake a backyard construction project is right now, in the winter. That way, it’s ready to go and be enjoyed when the weather has warmed up. So, if you’re like many Americans and looking to upgrade your backyard area, check out these simple tips for designing an outdoor kitchen area.

Permanent vs. Portable

Outdoor furniture, especially kitchen pieces, is often made to be portable. Usually made of metal or plastic, with wheels on legs, these carts, cooking carts, and grills are ideal for moving between covered and uncovered areas in your lawn. However, once building an outdoor kitchen, you’re going to want more permanent, built-in features. Fully built-out kitchens typically have a countertop attached to the grill, and this gives an excellent custom, luxury design that will make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood.

But it might not be a bad idea to have less commonly used grilling appliances and accessories stored away. If you have a charcoal grill, smoker, or griddle that won’t get used commonly, you can keep them from cluttering up the space by keeping them in a nearby shed or storage area. Also, it helps to have a portable island with a working service that you can bring out for big barbeques.

Set a Budget

From potential masonry work to gas line installation, the price of an outdoor kitchen can get expensive fast. This fact is why you’ll want to set a hard budget from the very beginning. Once you have a plan in place, you will have a better idea of the price range for the products you can afford. Also, once you have a budget, it is easier to say goodbye to those dream ideas that are just financially impossible.

Is That Necessary?

Along the lines of working with a budget, it’s essential that you only invest in appliances and pieces that you want and will use. Since most people don’t have outdoor kitchens, they aren’t sure how much they will use something. So, they might get a pizza oven installed despite never making pizza or liking to cook. Bearing this in mind, don’t waste your budget on luxury items that you will not use. In order to create your ideal outdoor space, you need to make sure that you save your fund for the practical features that you know will get a lot of use.

Nailing the Dining Area

A kitchen inside or out is more than a place for cooking; it’s a communal gathering place where many families admittedly spend a lot of their quality time. Because of this, you want to make sure that the dining room has as much attention paid to it as the preparation area. You can set the mode with torches or overhead string lights for a vacation-like evening ambiance. Also, you’ll want to choose an outdoor area rug big enough to cover the entire space to help ground the table in that one area, making it a more intimate environment.

With these simple tips for designing an outdoor kitchen area, you can build the backyard space of your dreams.