Living in the modern days, the contemporary movement has affected every aspect of our daily lives. Trends will come and go, but designing your space will stand the test of changing times. When it comes to upgrading spaces, whether it’s the traditional type or modular home, there are no limits.

Make a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great piece to put up in your home for a daily source of inspiration and motivation. To achieve a beautiful gallery wall you need to incorporate these three things: a collective of your life interests, a stimulating layout of frames, and the positioning of each frame. As seen at art museums, a gallery wall is best viewed at eye level.

Add Abstract Lighting

By adding lighting fixtures that are distinct and look like works of art, you are using the home interior concept that has been gaining in popularity for years. There’s something luxurious, not to mention sophisticated, about the space that has abstract and branched lighting.

Add a Pop Of Color To Your Bookshelves

By painting your bookshelves a bright and fun color, you are making the objects within pop out and brighten up the room. Bookshelves are the easiest to start with, as they only require the background to be painted to highlight their content. A little color brings a great impact on the ambience of the room, eliminates boring blank spaces, and replaces it with a cheerful color.

Add Interesting Pieces To Your Bathroom

Think about adding a bathtub that has a unique walk-in design with a contoured seat and elevated backrest. Though it isn’t as luxurious as a huge white bathtub, it can be a good start, especially if you have a small bathroom.

If you want to make your bathroom a wellness oasis, you can go one step further and add a foot and calf massager. Some at-home foot massagers are designed to perfectly mimic the masters of ancient massage. They will not only make your bathroom look more modern, but also save you a lot of trips to the masseuse.

Use The Two-Toned Wall Method

Painting only half of the wall one color is considered stylish and contemporary and it can be incorporated with minimalism, as most wall design enthusiasts prefer to use greys and whites over other colors. Rooms that are two-toned are pleasing to the eye because you get to see the best of both colors. This trend is also of great relief for most homeowners, especially those who have high ceilings, making them easier to paint. However, be careful when picking colors, as the combination of two may turn out unappealing.

Large Minimalist Accessories

Add a couple of large accessories in the living room, like a wood sculpture or large vase containing a botanical piece. That oversized piece will create a slick silhouette. The accessory will also create a focal point, distracting from the less-desirable aspects of the room, like a piece of old furniture.

Create An Open Floor Plan

Contemporary homes are based on the idea of uniting all of the interior spaces into one grand experience. The idea of a great room has been used to signify a blurring of the walls and boundaries of living spaces with the kitchen and family room. An open floor plan is ideal and is iconic in contemporary homes because it creates a unified design aesthetic throughout your home.

Add Kitchen Chrome

Having a nice shiny, decked-out kitchen is one of many popular modern decorating ideas. Adding shiny surfaces such as marble or granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and chrome detailing on hardware, it’s no wonder that the chrome-temporary kitchen is an attractive place to spend time in.

Add Decorative Wall Mirrors

Decorative wall mirrors can change your home’s overall vibe as long as they are properly positioned at the right angles. Before going and purchasing a mirror, think about its role in your home. Adding small-sized mirrors works best for decoration, while big mirrors are a great asset in every entranceway because they invite the light inside.

For bedrooms, full-length mirrors are a common feature. They also have their own styles such as vintage, oriental, or minimalist. Mirrors definitely make a great addition in every room.

Use Area Rugs As Hallway Runners

Rugs are a decorative tool that can enhance a room’s length and make it feel bigger, because of its variety of patterns and textures. Area rugs are usually found in living and dining rooms. Consider placing area rugs in a hallway or in the entryway to give visitors an aerial view of your home.

Add Animal Print Accents

Animal prints are usually found in large or small doses in modern homes. A simple pillow on the sofa or bed might be satisfactory for your taste and style. If that’s not the case, consider incorporating the natural patterns in on a larger scale, for example, wrapping your stairs.

Add Patterned Tiles

Out of all things, patterned tiles are one of the trendiest modern decorating ideas for spicing up your home decor. Mosaic patterned glass tiles, whether on walls or floors, give a very stylish contemporary feel to your space.


You don’t have to follow popular trends to have a modern house. Focus on structural simplicity, monochromatic walls, and basic materials. Modern design is often a love-it or hate-it style, many appreciate its minimalist uncluttered feel, while others miss the warmth and variety that can be found in other styles.