small house, Small House Hacks to Maximize And Enlarge Your Space

Living in a small house can have its benefits: you don’t have to worry about cleaning it, and everything feels much cosier and intimate. But, with a small house, there comes a certain set of problems such as how to find enough space for everything you need. Here are some tips on how to maximize the small home and make it bigger:

Let the light in

One of the first steps is to make your home well-lit if it already isn’t. And if it is, find a way to make it even lighter, since light can also create an illusion of a much larger space. First, you should paint the walls white. In case you still prefer a different colour, feel free to do it, but make sure that it’s bright and pastel. Darker colours and wallpapers might look good in the magazines, but they aren’t going to help here. Also, having a well-lit home can give you a much better preview so you’ll know how to use everything else. When there are no dark corners, you know what you’re dealing with. When it comes to windows, it’s important to make them as big as possible, and always make sure to have lightweight curtains.

Remove the doors (and maybe even walls)

It’s easy to imagine and fantasize about various home decor ideas when your home is big enough to handle anything. In your case, you need to work with what you’ve got, so if you want to enlarge your home, one of the possible solutions would be to remove the doors or even walls, whenever you can and want. For example, tearing down the wall between the kitchen and the living room will make everything seem much bigger and better utilized. Especially, if you also make it light and functional. As for the dining space, you can have on in the kitchen area, or in the living room, the point is to make it seem like a well-built and integrated unity.

Use your walls to hang pieces

Hanging things on the wall will leave you with more actual space that you can use for something different. Not so long ago, TV sets took up a lot of time, as they were massive and heavy. Luckily, nowadays we live in an era of flat screen TVs, and there’s no better place to put a TV than to hang it on the wall. If you’re unsure about it, remember that TV installation and wall mounting is a quick process and it doesn’t cost much. Some people can even do it by themselves, but it’s always recommended hiring a professional crew who can do it instead of you. Also, tv wall mounting can drastically free up your space and is also much safer than leaving a TV on the shelf or a table. Same goes for everything else you have at home — books, records, magazines. You just need to figure out a perfect shelf for your home. Having shelves can clear your home from all the unneeded clutter lying around.

Remove the junk

Having a lot of things is normal in this day and age, but what’s not normal is to pile things and have a mess out of your beautiful home. If you feel emotional about certain items, you can put them on the shelf, or simply, store them in a box or a safe. Having storage boxes can greatly help you organize the things that you don’t really need, but you can’t throw away. Additionally, you can store them in a garage or a storage room. If you know someone who has a big home, ask them for a favour and leave things there for a certain period. Finally, you can donate all the unnecessary stuff or gift them to someone who needs it more than you.

In conclusion, maximizing your space shouldn’t be a difficult task, but you need to learn how to think outside of the box. Creative thinking is your greatest help here, and if you feel like you can’t come up with any fresh ideas, ask someone who knows, or even better, hire an architect or a professional interior designer.