There are so many things you can do in order to make your home look more luxurious. Still, if you aim to do this on a budget, there’s nothing more cost-effective than working on the walls in your home. Apply some fresh paint and consider one of the numerous options to make this whole general area feel and look more unique. Some of these ideas may be something you’ve seen in magazines, while others may not have crossed your mind in a million years. Here are six tips to make your wall design look and feel more luxurious.

  • Interesting wall patterns

Painting curious wall patterns are perhaps the simplest way to decorate the place so that it makes the room look unique and impressive. Amongst the most popular such ideas, there are the random rectangles (in different hues this perfectly complements the monochrome idea) and the honeycomb. Naturally, the simplest way to make this happen is to hire professional painters but you can also make some of these patterns quite easily through a DIY project. All you would need is some painter’s tape and you’re ready to go.

  • Crown molding

The simplest way to make any room look regal on a budget is to go for some crown molding. This concept is so simple yet it adds an extra layer of depth to the room in question. It helps separate the ceiling from the wall and it allows you to vertically separate the room. Moreover, it’s something that the majority of painting professionals can handle without much trouble. Another great thing here is the fact that there are many styles and options for you to choose from.

  • Ornaments and photos

Decorating the wall with all sorts of ornaments and photos is one of the simplest ways to personalize the area. The choice of photos is especially important when it comes to the overall impression of the wall. It’s not as much about the theme as it is about the visuals of the photo. For instance, the color and texture of the backdrop on the photo will determine its dominant color. This color and texture will interact with the wall as much as your choice of frame. So, choose wisely and if you do not have any photographs that meet these requirements perhaps it’s time to finally make them.

  • Floral motifs

Going for floral motifs in your home can definitely make a massive transformation when it comes to the general vibe of the room. The best place to consider this is definitely your bedroom. Here, you can create an impression of a private oasis, thus boosting your efforts to relax and recharge your batteries. Needless to say, that should carry onto the rest of the design. Keep in mind that it might be more effective to just do this on the accent wall (behind the bedpost) and have the sheets serve as the continuation of this theme.

  • 3D wall panels

There’s no real objective reason for your wall not to appeal to your tactile senses. There are so many shapes and designs of 3D wall panels that could help you transform the room into something truly luxurious and unique. Let’s face it, you’ve already played around with the idea of adding a 3D object with crown molding and this is just the next step in this direction. Some of these panels have properties that can help make your room sound-proof. This alone would introduce a huge quality of life change to your room. In other words, aside from just visual, this also appeals to your auditory and tactile senses.

  • Ombre

A lot of people find the idea of making a monochrome room quite exciting. The biggest problem they have here is finding a way to make these nuanced transitions. One of the most interesting ways to do so is to make a vertical color gradation on your wall. Ombre is one of the simplest ways to do this. You see, you pick the darkest shade of the color that you intend to use on the wall and you start using it at the very bottom. As you go upwards, you gradually switch to lighter and lighter shades until you finish the wall with white. Keep in mind that you can use furniture of different heights to complement this idea, as well.

In conclusion

The walls are the dominant element of every room, they’re its background and, as such, the element that sets the overall tone for the entire area. Still, there’s more to wall design than just its color. Make sure to consider how the rest of the room will interact with any change to the layout or design of your wall ornaments. New patterns, images, art pieces and 3D objects may also have a massive impact on the overall impression of the place.

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