home exterior, Smart Ways to Level-Up Your Home Exterior

You decided to make a change because you’re considering a new style, or you simply feel like your home’s curb appeal isn’t high enough. Home renovations can be fun projects but are often time-consuming. However, we can make the most out of our time if we approach this problem from the right angle, and make the right investments.

Match the Surroundings

One of the smartest things you can do when you want to level up your home’s image is to plan ahead. Instead of going shopping and calling for roof replacement from the get-go, take a step back and look at the whole picture.

To be realistic, we rarely spend time in front of our house simply looking at it and admiring our excellent taste. This is why you need to take a walk before you start working. Look around your home, and the vibe the neighborhood gives off. If the area itself is quiet and peaceful, painting all your walls in different, vivid colors will make everyone think that the circus is in town. The interior design is up to you completely, but as far as curb appeal goes, you need to fall in with the landscape


home exterior, Smart Ways to Level-Up Your Home Exterior

When people want to modernize, they often replace the furniture and buy completely new items. This works with the front door as well. But in some cases, you might not need to spend money on a new door. Instead, get a bucket of paint, a brush, and you’re all set.

When we look at a house, the front door is where we most often point our attention. This is why many home design experts suggest that the front door be painted a unique, inviting color. This works best when the color is in contrast with the outside walls. However, paint noticeably suffers over time, and the front door of your house will eventually look old and uninviting. If you wait for too long, it can even make your house look haunted! So before it’s too late, get your equipment and revive your front door with a beautiful new layer of red, for example.

Yard Work

home exterior, Smart Ways to Level-Up Your Home Exterior

Many people don’t understand how big of an influence our backyard can be on the overall curb appeal of our home. However, people tend to go overboard and fill the space up with different types of plants, just because they’re colorful. This is incredibly wrong, as the beauty, we’re chasing hides in moderation.

Trimming the shrubs and cutting the grass are good ways to give your lawn and backyard a sophisticated image. If done right, this will let other elements of your home exterior stand out, including your porch and any potted plants you’ve decided to hang up.

Another method of adding style to your yard is the Coolaroo shade cloth. After you get this shade cloth, you’ll be able to enjoy summer in your garden without worrying about the sun, along with a cold drink and a few friends. What’s more, as this shade cloth is engineered to last, it’s sure to provide you cover for up to 10 years. What’s the use of a beautiful garden if we don’t get to enjoy our time spent there?


We’ve previously mentioned how tidying our front lawn will let our porch stand out. But is there anything else we can do to make our home more inviting? There are, surprisingly, a few things everyone can do to instantly increase their home appeal.

Porch lights may seem unnecessary at first glance, but this is going to be the first thing that people will notice when passing by your home at night. Think about new shutters as well, because they can draw attention to your windows.


We can use different types of accents depending on where we want to direct someone’s attention, but keeping our home in top shape is also part of the appeal! Gutters and downspouts, for instance, have a practical use as well as being part of our home’s image, so we should replace them every few years. The same goes for the roof. We wouldn’t want any rain to drip into our attic, right? Replacing any broken shingles will keep your home safe from the weather, and will complete the image you’re going for.

When we look for ways to upgrade our home, we often overlook the simple things we can do. Going on a shopping spree for new stuff is often fun, but there’s no need. Take a step back, and look at your home and its curb appeal. If you’re having trouble deciding what to work on, ask a friend to come over and share some ideas. Upgrading your home can be fun if you want it to.