Smart Ways to Organise and Upgrade your Home
Organisation is a great idea in theory, and a skill we all wish we were better at when we visit the immaculate homes of our family and friends. However, organising can often be rather difficult to practice, especially for people with children or pets. Just letting piles of clothing or books stay on the floor can be much easier rather than looking for space – but improving your storage space is always a good idea, both for your own comfort and for upgrading the worth and feel of your home. If you’re short on storage space and need some smart ways to organise your home, try the following ideas:

Use your walls
It’s all too easy to concentrate on floor space and under-utilise our walls. Why not take full advantage of your wall space and give yourself an easy way to organise your things? Traditional bookshelf-style shelves are the easiest way to give yourself extra space as they can hold so many items, but you might also like to try free-floating shelves, which will give you extra space with more minimalistic feel. Look around your home: you might be surprised at where you can find extra wall space that will be suitable for a shelf or two.
Store clothing under your bed
If you consistently struggle to find enough closet space and you have space between your bed and the floor, why not install a couple of drawers? To minimise hassle, try keeping sorting seasonal clothes under the bed, such as winter coats or swimwear. To make your life easier on laundry day, you could try keeping your extra bedsheets and blankets in sealed storage boxes or bags under the bed!

Repurpose a shipping container
Shipping containers offer a wealth of storage possibilities. If you’re chronically short on space to work, relax, or exercise – and want to increase your home’s value – why not use a shipping container to build a whole new room? You might like to create your own yoga studio, home gym, kids’ playroom, or office: your options are only as limited as your own imagination. A shipping container is a great choice for creating an add-on room to your house or used as a separate unit in your backyard.
You can use shipping containers for storage – simply box up and label items you don’t use often and store them in your container. You’ll be sure to appreciate all your newfound space! Cautious homeowners can also rest easy with the fact that shipping containers are sturdy and secure, so you’ll have a minimal chance of break-ins.

Make use of the hollow space under the stairs
If you’re like most homeowners, your stairs aren’t being utilised to their full advantage. You likely already have space under your stairs that isn’t being used, or you could knock a hole in the side of your stairs and find yourself with a hollow space that you can repurpose. Of course, always consult with a professional – but if your staircase is suitable, you can use the space under the stairs to house a small office, a set of shelves or drawers, or simply a place to keep miscellaneous boxes.
Organising your home can give you a sense of relief and a strong feeling to never allow yourself to become disorganised again. If you do it right, creating extra storage space in your home can add great value to your home – so why not start brainstorming organisation ideas today?

Harper Reid is a freelance writer from Auckland, New Zealand who loves everything about interior design and home organisation. For interior design, she believes in a balance of beauty and functionality. Her home features floating shelves and a storage set of gorgeous vintage trunks she discovered at the local flea market. You can read more of her work on Tumblr.