Compromised electrical wiring causes 6.5 percent of all residential fires, which is why it’s a home repair that needs immediate attention. An older home with old wiring puts individuals and families at risk. It’s essential to schedule an inspection from a local professional electrician. They will have the expertise to keep you safe in the present and future by updating electric wiring in your dated home.


An older home puts your and your loved ones’ safety at risk. If you live in an older home, the outlets may only have two prongs instead of the modern-day three. Modern appliances require a third prong, so having the wrong kind of outlets can create a problem for homeowners. Two-pronged outlets can’t ground an electrical device like three-pronged outlets can. Old wiring, otherwise known as knob-and-tube wiring, simply doesn’t meet today’s standards. It can threaten to electrify the wood in your home and, therefore, put your safety at risk. Keep your eyes peeled for loose plugs, switches, or flickering power. If you experience any of these, call an electrician immediately.

More Power

Updating an older home’s electricity also means adding more power to the home. For example, Victorian homes have very few outlets, and they provide only 100–150 amps of electricity. Today’s modern family uses around 200 amps. Upgrading your home to reach 200 amps allows you to run many appliances while keeping you safe—appliances consume more than 100 amps at a time. Not having enough power is one of the common problems found in older homes.


Antique wiring is designed for utility. And although that worked at the time, old wiring simply isn’t convenient anymore. If you own an old house, you may find yourself frustrated with how few outlets there are. When you invest in updated wiring, you can add more outlets. Consider the addition of three-prong outlets in the rooms of the home. Enjoy a decrease in homeowner’s insurance when you invest in the work as well. In fact, it may be hard to get an insurance policy at all with knob-and-tube wiring.

Invest and update your home—old homes shouldn’t have old wiring. Don’t put off this important fix; prevent damage to appliances and health. Enjoy the increase in value your home will have as well when you update the wiring in your older home.