Time and weather are unforgiving, especially for your home’s exterior. Over the years, the exterior walls can become filthy and encrusted with dirt, grime, moss, mildew, stains, and more. If you want your home’s siding to look brand-new, schedule a yearly cleaning.

That said, different cleaning jobs require different tools and techniques. Read on to learn about the four best ways to clean your house’s outside walls. Evaluate the materials that make up your home’s exterior and plan accordingly.

Hose It Down

If you want to upgrade your home’s exterior, the job may be easier than you think. A garden hose nozzle with a jet spray setting may be enough to wash off loose leaves, grass clippings, dirt, webs, and other things semi-stuck to your walls. Hosing down the walls after cutting the lawn or a big leaf fall will keep your house looking clean and prevent debris from staining the brick, wood, or siding.

Brushes and Cleaning Solution

When stains do start to form on your walls, it’s time to use a little more elbow grease. Use a scrub brush with a gentle cleaning solution to work out moss, mildew, and marks left by organic matter. Several cleaning products are available these days that immediately break down in the soil and won’t kill plants or wildlife. For extra flora and fauna safety, prepare a cleaning solution from natural and harmless substances such as vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and other gentle soaps and detergents. For those hard-to-reach places, buy a brush attachment for your garden hose. It provides a steady stream of water and often has a chamber for cleaning products.

Pressure Washers

Under pressure to clean the walls, but years of neglect allowed moss, dirt, grease, and more to build up enough to resist spraying and brushing? It might be time for a pressure washer. But don’t run to the store and turn it loose just yet. Some construction materials can be permanently damaged by pressure washers. Pressure washers turned up to 11, so to speak, can pit, splinter, and break up wood, brick, and plastics. Start out low and gradually turn up the pressure as you proceed until you find the perfect setting. This can also protect you from flying bits of debris and the like. There are cleaning solutions available for pressure washers too, so pick the right one for your plants.


The last of the four best ways to clean your house’s outside walls is sandblasting, which is more of a rust-removing, graffiti-eliminating, and painting preparation technique than a cleaning one. But it gets the job done. One of the big differences between power washers and sand blasters is the type of media they use to clean. Many sandblasters use, yes, sand to blast away paint. However, others allow you to use baking soda or ground-up walnut shells to strip away paint, grease, stucco, and so forth from brickwork and other surfaces.