Architectural trends tend to come and go, while others also have a tendency to stay for many years. When you look at all the buildings built more than 100 years ago, you can see that they are special in more than one way. Why? Because they look timeless, elegant and functional, even after all these years.  So here are some of the most influential ones that we will see in the upcoming period.

Accessible and inclusive designs for people with various health concerns
Having a lavishly designed home is great, but since we’re living in an age that puts a lot of emphasis on disabled or senior people, it’s only logical that more and more trends are turning towards inclusivity and accessibility. From buildings with walking-up ramps to senior homes with many architectural features that accommodate the inhabitants and make their lives much easier, accessible design is here to stay, and for a good reason: there’s no reason to go forward with elaborate designs and super innovative solutions, if elderly and disabled aren’t taken care of first.

Turning toward more sustainable solutions
Climate change is doing immense harm to the environment, and it’s only logical to implement some sustainable ideas into architecture as well. Therefore, using recycled materials as your interior decor or opting to use recycled building materials can be a great way to add sustainability to whole communities while also saving money that would otherwise be spent on expensive materials and new furniture. More and more cities are implementing this strategy, as it’s known to be efficient when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint. This method is also useful as it redirects the energy towards rehabilitating various spaces by using green solutions that aren’t that detrimental to the environment.

Focusing on a modern appearance through steel construction or decor elements
Using bare decor or construction elements that resemble those we see in nature has become a big trend, at least in the US. However, adding bare steel elements can genuinely transform and enrich one’s space. So, in case one’s toying with the idea of changing their surroundings, there’s excellent stainless steel fabrication in UK that can instantly add a sense of versatility and safety to both commercial and public spaces. This method is also great for many reasons: steel is very strong, but also easy to bend, folded or manipulated in any way, which is why many industries rely on it.

Smart homes are getting even more prominent
Nowadays, many homes and offices prefer to rely on AI and robotic design to improve the functions of one’s space. Even though it might sound scary, it can actually be useful, as these new improved home systems can check the front door, regulate the temperature or even provide restless sleep to those who live inside. These systems can also learn the preferences of the inhabitants, which is how they actually grow and improve their own performance. Aside from that, robotic furniture is also being used to maximize the space, which can help the homeowners use the most of their home.

Using locally sourced materials and designs
Since ecological awareness is gaining momentum (for a good reason), then it makes sense why using locally sourced materials should be everyone’s priority. First, locally sourced materials are much better for the environment due to shorter transportation, but they’re also lower in price, which is why they’re always a better solution. Also, choosing to work with local designers, painters and decorators can do wonders for the local economy. Supporting local artists, designers and entrepreneurs is a wonderful way to help those that build communities and cities. That way, it will be possible to create more affordable and sustainable projects that will be of use to everyone involved.

These architectural trends are definitely here to stay, but before deciding to incorporate them, it’s essential to make sure they’re appropriate and befitting. Also, focusing on sustainability and reducing carbon footprint should be something we should all do, as that is a sure way to live peacefully with nature while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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