A home is a space that has so much potential waiting to be unlocked, and there really isn’t a limit to how much you can do to it. A lot of us hesitate to renovate or change things at home because it can be an expensive affair. However, there are a lot of small, DIY projects that you can take up, without thinning your wallet.

In this article, we’re going to look at 6 simple and easy home projects you can take up to improve the look and feel of your home, all at a budget that will have you smiling throughout.

Project 1: Redo the bathroom

Re-doing a bathroom doesn’t necessarily have to entail changing the tiles or the bathroom fittings, which can work up to a higher sum. Instead, go for little things like fitting in a mirror with LED lights, changing the color scheme of the bathroom, revamping the towels, bathrobes, and, if you have an artistic streak or know someone who does, you can try out a little painting on the existing tiles and give them a fresh, new look. The bathroom is just as important as any other room in the house, and a few changes can make a visible difference!

Project 2: DIY lights

When it comes to making your own lights, there are thousands of different everyday items that you can use to create simple but beautiful looking lights that you can hang anywhere you like. A string of LED lights, or what is popularly known as fairy lights, cost anything barely. Next, you’ll need jar, bottles, cups, tubes, or any other similar accessory made from glass. You could even use old liquor or juice bottles to do this. Next, you can either leave the bottle/jar plain and fit in some multicolored lights, or you could paint the bottles in different colors and fit in the yellow or white light. Not only does this make for a fun Sunday project, but also a beautiful new accessory for your home!

Project 3: Revamp the garden

If you have an area at home dedicated to plants and greenery, there’s so much you can do with it. Adding in some delicate details of wood, like hooks, frames, slabs and so on can give a very elegant look to the area. While it is true that wood isn’t exactly the cheapest material available, there are smart, easy and affordable solutions that will surely add that spark to your garden or lawn. Add in a good trim and mow, and your garden will start looking brand new again!

Project 4: The dining area

The dining area is, again, an essential part of your home. Especially when you have guests over, a beautiful dining area can really add on to the appeal. A great idea is to invest in an affordable but gorgeous centerpiece that you can place on the table. Also, if you have a wooden dining table, you don’t need to replace it entirely; you can simply get a trim and polish done with a professional. Finally, put in some pretty placements and new cutlery, and you’ve got a revamped dining area just like that.

Project 5: Backyard seating

Those of you who have a backyard at home are truly blessed because this particular area can be turned into a beautiful spot for people to relax, have a fun activity, and even add in an extra feature like a canopy with seating or a small play area for kids. You could add a gazebo, covered deck or even a picnic shelter  to really revamp the look, for which you should definitely check out plans at timber frame homes by Hamill Creek to get a better idea. All you need is someone to fix in the framing for you. While vendors might charge a bit more, adding a flowy and practical fabric on the frame, to form the canopy, can by a DIY project. Just make sure you use the right type of fabric to suit your style.

Project 6: Wallpaper magic

Adding wallpaper to a single, large wall in your home can really change the way your interiors look. Whether you like abstract prints or floral designs, you can purchase a beautiful wallpaper from any home decor store or online portal, and these don’t cost much either. A single wall with wallpaper can add an element of finesse to your living area or even to your bedroom, depending on where you want to add it. And, the great thing with wallpaper is that you can always change it every year or so.


So, with these fun and inexpensive projects, you can easily beautify your home and make it look good as new. A few tinkers and additions here and there can make quite a difference if you know exactly where to put it and also how to do it. Another advantage of effective home renovation is that it can increase your home’s value which comes handy when you’re planning to sell your house.

For more guidance, you can watch some videos and follow guides online as well. Making your home look even more appealing is just a few steps away!

Author Bio:

Tyler is a writer for Hamill Creek who are timber frame home experts. He is keen about home improvement and increasing the quality of life through small but effective changes to houses. He believes that timber frame houses decrease the carbon footprint of an average house.