The garage is often one of the most neglected parts of a home. If your garage is more of a black hole of storage than a versatile living space, you should consider a renovation! Below, we explain some benefits of giving your garage a makeover.

Expand Your Living Space 

If you’ve always wanted a detached guest house or more living space for your household, you can do just that with a garage makeover! Renovating the garage is a great way to add a guest room to your current home, as you can easily transform the garage from a simple storage area into a useful living space with just a few changes and some elbow grease. If you have an alternate place to park your car, or perhaps if your garage has an attic area, you can renovate the main area to expand your living space.

Add Value To Your Home

By making over your garage, whether into a habitable living space or a nicer storage space, you can add value to your home and increase its property value. Homebuyers love having a garage that is versatile enough to act as a living space or one that’s updated and pleasant enough to easily transform into a home gym, guest space, or whatever else. If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, it could be worth first renovating the garage to make the property more attractive to buyers.

Increase Storage Capacity 

Of course, there’s also the primary use of garages—storing stuff. If you feel like you’ve run out of space in your garage, it’s probably not that you don’t have enough space, but you’re not using the space efficiently. By removing everything from the garage, decluttering your things, and renovating the storage capabilities with vertical storage, new cabinets, and more, you can significantly increase the space’s storage capacity. With garages, it’s often not the size but how it’s used that determines its storage capacity.

Safer and More Secure 

Another benefit of giving your garage a makeover is that it makes the property safer and your belongings more secure. If your garage is older or in need of improvements, it could be an easy target for theft. Plus, old and dirty garages are more dangerous due to oil stains, poor ventilation, and bad illumination. Cleaning and upgrading the security with new locks and more lights will help ward off thieves and make the space safer to work in.

As you can see, there are many advantages to overhauling your garage. You’ll want to review the many things to consider before renovating your garage, like flooring, lighting, and plumbing options. But with the right investments, your new garage can be the highlight of your home!