The curb appeal of your home matters if you want it to look presentable, and paving a new pathway to your home with nice materials is something you can change without investing a ton of money into it. If you’re uncomfortable creating a walkway yourself, you can hire a contractor to refresh the exterior of your home. Its look and feel can change depending on the material you choose for your entrance path.

Concrete Walkway

If you’re on a tight budget, concrete is one of the most inexpensive options on the market. Plain concrete may look a little mundane to you, so if you use this option, consider stamping a pattern into the cement to give a faux look of stones. However, you should note that permeable paving is better for preserving the walkway through various types of weather.

Flagstone Path

On the other hand, flagstone is one of the more expensive options on the market, but this pathway material will look and feel elegant and rustic. The stone has a natural shape that contractors piece together carefully to create a walkway. However, if you don’t want the haphazard shapes, you can request certain stone cuts so that they fit together more seamlessly.

Stepping-Stone Path

If you want a more natural appeal, try the route of creating stepping-stones from natural rock. In this case, the rocks don’t touch each other. There are gaps with grass in between, allowing them to act like stepping-stones in a river. This option is more affordable because you don’t use as many materials as the other choices.

Brick Walkway

Lastly, brick material is a great option to pave a pathway for your home because you can lay bricks in various patterns to create different aesthetics. If any weather damages your path, bricks are easily replaceable and among the most cost-effective options. They’re also safe if you’re unsure which material to use because they can match just about any exterior.

What you choose to use for your walkway can drastically change the look and feel of your house. Flagstone gives a more aesthetically pleasing look, but brick is more versatile if you can’t make up your mind immediately. Which pathway will you place down for your home?