Do you and your family want to relocate? Are you tired of all the traffic, commute times, and other hassles of modern city life? Maybe it’s time for you to buy a piece of land and build the house of your dreams! This article will tell you where the best spots are for home builders to build your new home.

1. Georgia

Georgia is the most popular state in the South for new home development, offering a wide variety of housing options and reasonable land prices. The state also offers plenty of federal grants to assist with down payments and closing costs. Some cities in Georgia that are especially popular with new home builders include Marietta, Valdosta, and Kennesaw.

2. Texas

Texas offers ideal conditions for new home building, with low property tax rates and affordable land prices. The state also has an excellent housing market, so buying a new home is a great investment. This is due to the number of young, educated workers that are relocating to Texas. Some cities that attract a lot of new home builders are Austin, San Antonio, and Georgetown.

3. Florida

Florida is another excellent state for building your dream home, offering low property tax rates and plenty of nice climate variety. There are plenty of options for new home builders in Florida, including Tampa, Miami, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville. The new home market in Florida is also very stable, so you can expect your new home to hold its value over time.

4. Arizona

The state of Arizona also offers a wide variety of land options for new home building. Phoenix is a trendy area for building your own new home, consisting of lots with large acreage and room to build on. The state also offers generous federal and state tax incentives for new home construction. Some other cities that are ideal for the new home building include Mesa, Tucson, and Prescott.

5. Washington

Washington is another popular destination for new home construction, with plenty of land options and affordable prices. The city of Seattle is a major hub for new home building, with plenty of local contractors who specialize in building homes from scratch. Other notable cities in Washington include Tacoma and Bellevue.

6. Minnesota

The state of Minnesota offers excellent conditions for new home developers, with low property taxes, nice weather, and high demand due to the growing number of young professionals relocating to Minneapolis. The city is also ideal for young families, with plenty of hiking trails and natural space. Some other cities that are ideal for the new home building include St. Cloud and Rochester.

7. North Carolina

Along with Georgia and other states in the Southeast, North Carolina has very fertile soil that produces many great crops. The rural areas are also on excellent transportation routes that help keep traffic to a minimum. These happy conditions make North Carolina a top choice for utilizing new home builders in Mebane, NC. Some cities that are especially popular for new home construction include Greensboro, Burlington, and Raleigh.

8. Utah

Utah has all of the key ingredients necessary for new home construction: excellent climate, affordable land prices, and low property taxes. The state also has a large population of people that want to settle in rural surroundings for a peaceful lifestyle. Some cities with lots of opportunities for new home developers include St. George and Park City.

9. North Dakota

The state of North Dakota has a population of just over 700,000 residents and covers an area of 70,000 square miles. This low population density combined with the state’s large size makes it ideal for new home building. The city of Bismarck is trendy among new home developers thanks to its proximity to the Little Missouri National Grassland.

10. Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania has a diverse geography, with plenty of rolling hills and thick forests that are great for building new homes. The city of Philadelphia is also very affordable, allowing you to get more for your money. Some cities in Pennsylvania that are especially popular with new home builders include Pittsburgh and Scranton.

11. Colorado

Colorado offers beautiful scenery and plenty of space, making it an ideal destination for new home construction. The city of Denver is particularly popular with new home builders due to its low property taxes and reasonable land prices. Several government programs offer incentives for new home construction in the state, including the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority.


If you’re interested in building your own new house, then you should consider states that offer plenty of available land and low property taxes.