Most likely, you won’t find anyone who doesn’t love wood crafting. But it needs hard work to complete a beautiful carpentry project. In the age of technology, the role of carpenters isn’t obsolete, rather new opportunities are opening every day. Nowadays, new tools and accessories are developed to make carpentry easier. However, all the tools aren’t necessary for beginners. Right?

Unlike other apprentice contractors, newbie carpenters need only a few basic tools. That’s why we aim to discuss the essential carpenter tools list in this article. Read the entire guide to know what tools a newbie carpenter needs exactly.

Newbie Carpenter Tools List

Apprentice carpenters need a variety of tools. We can categorize them as hand tools, and power tools. Let’s explore these primary tools!

Essential Hand Tools
Carpenters’ hand tools are the key tools for them. Most of the basic carpentry can be done through these tools. They are affordable than power tools. These include-

Whether you are planning to do any simple woodwork or a large construction task, a hammer is a must. You will see different hammers like claw hammers, framing hammers, mallet hammers, etc. The claw helps in pulling pins at the same time head assists in driving pins.

Carpenter’s Pencil and Chalk Line
To obtain the desired shape and size of the project, you have to cut the wood. However, marking is essential before cutting the wood. Pencil and chalk lines are great for marking tools. Almost all the handy carpenters’ tool bags have a dedicated slot for keeping pencils. Sometimes, carpenters snugly fit pencils behind the ear.

Chalk lines are occasionally called chalk box. They are used to mark straight and long lines on flat surfaces.

Utility Knife
In carpentry, you need a knife frequently for sharping the pencil, cutting drywall, notching wood, cutting string, and many more tasks. Carpenters prefer disposable blade style knife. Moreover, it’s affordable and can be easily carried out in the pocket.

Tape Measure
This is a must-have measuring tool for almost all the contractors. Whether carpenters want to measure the logs or plumbers need to know pipe length, this will be handy. The retractable long tape is preferred for the worksite.
Typically, carpenters choose more than 25 feet long tape measure. Nowadays laser measuring tapes are also available but they are expensive than the usual ones. You can get the exact measurement within seconds through laser tape.

Hand Drill
Driving nail is a basic task in carpentry. Hand drills allow you to make the exact hole to insert the nail. By rotating the cranking handle, you can easily make the hole. According to your nail diameter, you can also change the drill bits.

Speed Square
A speed square is used as a saw guide. It helps in marking 45 and 90-degrees lines hence cuts. This tool is truly a combination of square, framing square, and try square.

Nail Puller
Sometimes, pulling nails are necessary for many reasons such as malposition of the nails or general cause. Nail pullers can remove nails from timber easily. You may call them the cat’s paw or cat’s claw also. The pulling side has a curved shape end. When you push down the handle, the curved end will pull the nail.

Wood Chisel
Chisel is a wonderful hand tool for wood crafting. This is used to chip out the woods to make the desired straight or curved hollow shape on the wood surface. Different sizes of chisels are used for woodworking from 1/4″ to 2” and even more. The longer the blade will be, the higher the cut you will get in return.

Basic Power Tools
Newbie carpenters can do their tasks with very few power tools that are described below. All of them are run using electricity.

Circular Saw
You need to be skilled enough to run the hand saw. But circular saws require less skill compared to a hand saw. That’s why we add a circular saw for apprentice carpenters. According to the power rating and teeth type, circular saws provide fine and rough cutting.
There are three types of circular saw blades- ripping, crosscut, and combine blade. Ripping blade cuts along the grain whereas crosscut provides across the grain cutting and combine type allows both of the above cuttings. You also need to organize your tools accordingly to get the optimum benefits. You can learn that from this site based on tool organizing.

Power Drill
The electric drills come in handy when you need numerous round holes or driving fasteners. They come with varieties of drill bits. There is the availability of battery-operated and electric-powered drill machines. Some drills have a hammer function option also.

Extension Cords
Whenever you plan to extend electric power to longer distances, extension cords work great without any substitute. Normally, cords length varies from 2 to 30 feet but you also find up to 300 feet in length. Extension cords can be used in outdoors, wet areas, and in sunlight. You can roll the cords and make them shorter according to your need.

Without the necessary tools, carpenters’ skills go in vain. That’s why we’ve included the most important tools in the above carpenter tools list. Hopefully, you can do your jobs done through these tools. When you will be skilled enough, you will be able to use the advanced tools and will do wonderful woodworking projects. Enjoy carpentry from the heart!

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