From the outside, home renovations might seem pretty straightforward, but they are seldom as simple as they seem. It can take a lot of research to have a smooth remodel and not many of us have the time or patience to gather all information. Luckily, the internet always has your back! We constructed a little list of most common remodeling mistakes and ways to avoid them so you don’t have to worry.

Starting renovations without an idea
You might be eager to start renovating as soon as possible, but make sure to gather plenty of materials from magazines, blogs and showrooms that you can show to your contractors. This way, you’ll have the end product that perfectly fits your wishes and needs.

Working without permits
Many people choose to skip this step, but getting all the permits is crucial. If you don’t have them, you might need to tear down all your progress and start from scratch once you get your permits. Also, your insurance won’t cover any damage in case of an accident if they don’t have all the valid paperwork.

Blowing your budget
The most common mistake out there is going over budget. It’s really easy to get carried away during your renovation, so make sure to have a strict budget beforehand, together with a contingency fund for unforeseen events. Stick to it by all cost!

Choosing inexperienced contractors
A big renovation always requires professionals that will ensure the best results. Sure, architects and interior designers might dig into your budget, but they will get your renovations correctly the first time. An experienced architect, designer and builder will help you create a beautiful home that’s aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and functional. Check the internet for recommendations and ask your friends and family for referrals to ensure you’re hiring the right people for the job.

Not protecting your belongings
Remodels are rarely clean and perfectly organized, so unless you’re okay with dented cabinets, chipped paint and stained furniture, you’ll have to protect your belongings. The best thing you can do is move everything out of the renovation area. You can check out practical Budget truck rental and their special deals that will cost you a portion of the money you might spend on repairs if you decide to leave your things at home. Most of their vehicles can be operated with a regular car license, so all you have to do is grab some boxes and move all your fragile things out and into a safe storage. It’s much easier and cheaper than to go through expensive property repairs and replacements!

Not shopping around
In order to stay on budget, make sure to do your homework and shop around. You’ll be amazed at the low prices you can get for the same job, materials and products if you only dig a bit deeper. Also, don’t neglect sales and special offers on things such as flooring, furniture, doors and windows. Sure, researching different manufacturers and service providers can take time, but your return on investment will be much better, especially if you’re working with a tight budget. The internet is a great place to start because you can really get all sorts of information on manufacturers, types of materials and finishes with a touch of a button.

Using cheap materials
You probably know about that old saying “You get what you pay for”. Well, it’s always true, especially when it comes to renovations. To an untrained eye, some tools, materials and finishes might look the same, so make sure to do your research. For instance, quality tools will definitely withstand even the hardest of tasks while cheap ones might die in the middle of the job. The same goes for materials—quality products will last you much longer and retain that new look for years to come. So, don’t cheap out on tools and resources if you want to avoid stress and additional expenses down the road.

Not going green
Some eco-friendly home renovations might cost more from the start, but they are a serious investment that will save you money in the future. Plus, going green is quite easy today when we have all the resources available at various price ranges. These eco-friendly options will reap lower utility bills, bring lower insurance premiums and provide you with a healthier and safer environment. The green movement is making huge waves in every industry, so it’s great to board the hype train as early as possible.

No matter what you do, there will always be some obstacles on the way towards your dream home, but if you stick to this list, your renovation will be much smoother from start to finish.