A tap is a device controlling the release of a liquid or gas from a pipe or container. Bathroom taps are taps used in bathrooms and maybe of different types and styles.

Types of Bathroom Taps

  • Bath Shower Mixer Taps

One of the most common type of tap that is used in the bathroom is the mixer tap. These taps help you control the flow of hot and cold water. These shower taps are extraordinary because the extra handset implies you can wash your hair effortlessly in the shower and is ideal for bathing kids. You can even utilize it as a financially savvy option in contrast to a different shower.

  • Monobloc Taps

Monobloc taps are an accretion of mixer taps, but they work using one central lever instead of having 2 handles. The temperature is controlled by turning the lever left or right. Monobloc taps lessen the danger of burning in small kids by drawing on both the hot and cold-water channels to decrease boiling high-temperature water running from the faucet.

  • Wall Mounted Taps

They are mounted to a wall and hang over the side of the basin or bathtub. A repellent aspect of wall-mounted taps is that they can be hard to plumb in, considering that all piping must be covered behind the wall. The benefit is that they are ideal for smaller washrooms as they don’t occupy much space and are incredible for modern, moderate restrooms.

  • Freestanding Taps

If you are looking for some outstanding and unique design, then you must have a look at freestanding bathroom taps. Freestanding taps are the most stunning and eye-catching taps available in the market. They are plumbed into the floor and rise up dramatically, making them flawless to finish the appearance of a roll-top bath or countertop basin.

  • Pillar Taps

This style of tap is conventional and made for the two baths and basins. A pair of taps draw from both the hot and cold water pipes, sending each stream to the other faucet: one for high temp water and one for cold water. The disadvantage of pillar taps is that the danger of burning can be higher as you can’t control the temperature of the water that comes out of the hot tap.

bathroom, Things To Consider Before Choosing Bathroom Taps

Guide for buying Bathroom Taps

  • Your bathroom design and space

Before you look for basin and bath taps, make sure you think about the design and style of your bathroom. There are different types and style of bathroom taps available in the market, so if you have to choose the one for your need, then you must take the design of your bathroom into consideration.

  • Type of basin tap

It is essential to consider how many holes are there before installing basin tap. If the basin you’re updating or the enhanced one you’re introducing has one tap hole, look over monobloc and single-switch taps. If you’ve invested into a bowl with two tap holes, the look for pillar taps. These supply hot and cold water autonomously. The handles of pillar taps might be switch worked or have knobs or cross-formed handles.

  • Types of bath tap

Just like bathroom basin taps, the number of tap holes in the bath you’re redoing or the new structure you’ve picked will figure out which shower tap plans are available to you.

Consider spout length and height in any arrangement. A countertop basin may be installed at a little distance from the wall, and a tap that doesn’t extend adequately far is going to sprinkle the counter.

Conclusion; There is a wide range of bathroom taps available, and you can choose from different styles, colours, designs and other features of the taps. The various guidelines for choosing a bathroom tap are given above to help you choose best for your bathroom to make it look trendy and stylish.