bathroom remodel, Tips for a Modest Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is not exactly the most favorite part of the house. As long as each of its elements functions properly, people tend to overlook design flaws and aesthetic inconsistencies. However, if you are the type of person that likes to spend time in the bathtub or under the shower head, the appeal of this space will mean something to you, as well as its features. Changes don’t have to be drastic or particularly expensive as long as you prioritize quality of life. If you feel that your hygiene area is ripe for upgrades, these 7 tips for a modest bathroom remodel should have you covered.

Give it some texture

Bathrooms tend to be plain and glazy, even when the rest of the house adopts a boutique approach which is trending across Australia. On the one hand, this is sound aesthetic logic – the appearance of your bathroom needs to reflect that it is a hygienic, sterilized zone. On the other hand, this can make it appear uninspired and dull, with an undefined sense of space. In order to make the corners pop and create some lively contrast, you can give your bathroom some texture with a few easy strategies. For example, you can purchase waterproof wallpapers with interesting prints and adorn your upper bathroom walls with them (while keeping the bathing area clear). You can, at the very least, create a feature wall around the sink.

Turn your sink area into a vanity

If your sink has become old and stained, it might be the best to simply replace it with something fresh and interesting. Now, this is the part of the modest remodel that is as ambitious as it gets, since replacing the old sink with corroded piping will pretty much require the involvement of professionals. In addition, the drains might be blocked with years worth of limescale and crud amassed in the piping. Invite experts for blocked drains from Perth for a quick and efficient fix and purchase an all-in-one vanity top that also includes an integrated sink. A mirror cabinet above this new faucet will lend your bathroom a sense of gracefulness and glamour that appeared to be unachievable before.

Cabinets and drawers

Now, there is a possibility that this all-in-one vanity has some drawers built into it. Even if it does, there is a high probability it cannot hold more than 30% of bathroom items, tools and paraphernalia. This is where we arrive to one of the leading bathroom issues that plague the modern world – clutter. All horizontal bathroom surfaces seem to be occupied by makeup, shampoos, soaps, cleaning solutions, towels, mops, etc. If you want to improve the appearance of your bathroom by yourself, there is hardly a better and more useful project than creating more storage. You can purchase an additional slide-out cabinet drawer and place it beneath a free-floating element, and nail some additional shelves on the walls above the sink and toilet. This way, you will ‘verticalize’ your bathroom and create more options for a tidier, well-organized bathroom space.

Contrasting tile grout

One can easily go crazy with easy-to-access, cheap materials from Perth markets and shops, but this also begs the question – when does it turn into kitsch? Here’s a tip that can truly improve the appearance of your bathroom – stain your tile grout with a color that is in contrast to the color of the tiles. If you do this successfully, you don’t even have to bother with waterproof wallpapers, hanging framed paintings and all the other space-accentuating elements. Contrasting tile grout will give your bathroom solid spatial definition while preserving its aesthetic consistency. This is also known as the ‘classic subway tile look’ and it can look truly wondrous. Or, you can also tackle grout cleaning with some homemade solutions that are less harmful than chemical-based cleaners.

A bathroom needs to fulfill its primary role and look like a hygienic area. This means that you should prioritize functionality and streamline its every aspect to the extent of your abilities, over a weekend or several weekends. You may think that you require the help of an experienced designer, but you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish once you are done. The least you can do is give your bathroom a modest, DIY remodel, assess the results, and then consider further investments.