A backyard pool is a luxurious addition to any home. It adds entertainment, a place to exercise, opportunities for outdoor gatherings, and backyard appeal. When it comes to a pool home remodeling project, there are a lot of things to consider before building an inground pool, from laws to practical design attributes. Hiring a contractor for a pool installation ensures you build a pool that aligns with your visions and meets all the practical requirements.

Aside from the pragmatics of building a pool, check out these tips on creating an aesthetic pool area to achieve your dream backyard space.

Pool Design

On top of the traditional rectangular or oval pool shape, pools come in various other design styles. Depending on the size of your space, you can choose from a wide selection of pool structures, from Grecian to a Gothic or oasis-shaped pool. Each shape structure complements and creates different design styles.

Rectangular and oval pools exude a simplistic appeal, Grecian and Roman end pools create regal looks, and oasis and lagoon pool shapes are an ode to their inspired tropical names. The shape you choose determines other important attributes of the backyard pool area, including space layout and desired design aesthetic.

Decks and Patios

Pairing your pool with a deck or patio creates a more cohesive and designated outdoor space compared to simply just having a pool in your yard. They allow you to style the poolside for entertaining, relaxation, and practicality.

Patios and decks are similar spaces. However, decks are raised platforms and consist of wood flooring. They create tropical, Asian zen, and down-to-earth looks. On the other hand, patios feature cement, stone, or tile paving around the pool. They complement different design styles, from modern to French country aesthetics.

Surrounding Landscape

No outdoor space is complete without landscaping. It transforms a space in numerous ways with varying attributes. Flowers add color and smell, certain plants represent and pair with specific aesthetics, and trees and shrubbery create seclusion. Aside from greenery, landscaping plays a role in whether you want your backyard pool area to feature stone, mulch, dirt, or grass flooring.

Additional Accessories

Backyard and pool accessories range from canopies to lighting. They not only enhance the appeal of a space but also embellish the outdoor poolside experience. Canopies and overhead covers provide shade, lighting adds ambiance and practical qualities, fountains add luxury, and attached jacuzzies create extra appeal.

Building an aesthetic backyard pool area goes beyond just the type of pool you want. It includes accessory features, landscaping, and aesthetic design elements. With your contractor, you can create a dream backyard that’s aesthetic, functional, and entertaining.