The remodeling project is finished. You kept your home clean while the contractor worked, but you may be unsure what comes next. Most contractors only do a surface clean of the former construction site upon finishing a project. You will want your newly renovated space thoroughly cleaned to make it fully functional again. While it may seem daunting initially, these tips for cleaning up after a home remodeling project will help break it down, ensuring your space is both safe and immaculate.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Contractors sweeping up the remodeled area does not mean they properly cleaned your home. When you think of cleaning, you must leave no stone unturned. Start with a broad scope, and then zero in on more specific areas. Be prepared to take inventory of what needs cleaning and the necessary supplies.


A wet/dry vacuum works best for cleaning up after a remodeling project. The dual nature allows it to pick up both liquids and debris.

Deep Dive Into Cleaning

When doing a deep clean of the home after a renovation, you should sweep, mop, and vacuum the floors. Take the time to wipe down and disinfect surfaces, walls, and baseboards. Vacuuming your furniture is also important, even if the contractors covered it during the remodeling project.

Deep cleaning should include common areas, such as hallways, and not limited to the newly remodeled space. Home renovation leaves dust everywhere, so a deep cleaning of the home is necessary to ensure the health of all occupants.

Remove Clutter

Cleaning is a great opportunity to declutter, even if it was not originally part of the construction project. What better way to celebrate your new space? Out with the old and in with the new! If you have any paint cans lying around, know that disposing of house paint is simple and easy to understand.

Consider Your Time and Budget

Your time is at a premium, and you may not want to spend it cleaning up your home after a lengthy renovation. If you have money left in the home renovation budget, you may want to contact a professional cleaning service. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your home without the added stress of cleaning it yourself.

Whether you want to deep clean or hire a professional, your abode will feel fresh and new after following these tips for cleaning up after a home remodeling project. Remember—a clean home is a happy and healthy home!