Unless you live under a rock, you have most likely dealt with pests such as bugs or rodents in your lifetime. They are intrusive, frustrating, and stressful to deal with, but there are ways to manage them. In fact, there are strategies for preventing them from entering your home at all. Here are some of the best tips for keeping pests out of your house.

Reduce the Number of Plants Near Your Home

Although plants are pleasing to the eye and offer other benefits, they also attract pests that you don’t want to enter your home. To eliminate this risk, start by trimming any shrubbery or tree branches that touch the side of your house.

These limbs serve as entry points for bugs and allow them a way inside. In addition, mulch provides shelter for insects, which is why you will want to reduce the amount of mulch touching your foundation. By choosing a ground cover that is less attractive to pests, such as rocks, you can safeguard your home against an insect invasion.

Tightly Seal All Windows and Doors

Since they are so small, pests often enter a home through the smallest of gaps. Inspect your home regularly for any cracks or openings, and make sure to seal them tight to prevent infestation.

Also, if your doors or windows are broken or have gaps, you need to fix those holes if you want your home to be fully secure. Tears in your screen door or window screen provide easy access for a bug or rodent.

Locate And Fill Any Interior or Exterior Cracks

Other than windows and doors, small pests can enter from anywhere in the home that they can fit through. Cracks to your home’s exterior are an eyesore, but they also give pests a point of entry into your home.

Areas that you will want to check include cracks in the foundation, roof shingles, openings in utility lines, and missing siding. There are many benefits of hiring a siding contractor, one of which is that they prevent insects from entering. Unfortunately, pests can chew through caulk, so you need to hire a professional to do the job.

Clean Your Home on a Routine Basis

Bugs and rodents always find a way towards garbage, so by taking it out regularly, you can ensure that these pests remain outdoors. Flies and other bugs can also enter your home through the vents.

Thus, changing the air filter regularly keeps your air clean and your home pest-free. Crumbs and dirt also attract pests, so vacuuming, mopping, and wiping down surfaces are all defense mechanisms against pests.

Overall, as long as you perform the proper activities, pests shouldn’t be able to enter your home at all. Now that you know the best tips for keeping pests out of your house, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with pest-free living.