If you’ve grown up with dogs or own one now, you’ll know that they’re a part of the family. Your home is their home. However, with pets, occasional accidents happen. Pet-proofing your house will protect your property in the long run and provide a more comfortable environment for your adorable pup to enjoy. Here are some tips for upgrading your home into a dog-friendly space.

Install a Doggy Door

Avoid having your dog scratch up your doors by installing a doggy door. Motorized and traditional doggy doors give dogs the autonomy to let themselves out without the aid of their owner. They make for a great pet-friendly upgrade, especially for those with a fenced yard. Adding a doggy door can vary in price depending on the type of door you choose and whether you hire a professional to install it.

Opt for Pet-Proof Floors

An adorable pet in the home shortens the lifespan of flawless and stain-free floors. From paw markings to indoor bathroom accidents, floors endure a lot of wear and tear with a furry family member. Before upgrading your home into a dog-friendly space, review the best hardwood flooring options for dog owners.

Build Hideaway Feeding Stations

Built-in or hideaway feeding stations make a creative and clutter-free home upgrade. Build a feeding station under a cabinet, in a drawer, or within a little nook in the house.

Create a Doggy Dream Yard

Optimize your outdoor area for endless summer fun for you and your dog to enjoy. Creating a doggy dream yard can include leaving an open space for your dog to play in or installing a splash pool. Make sure to also plant non-toxic and sturdy plants just in case a wandering nose decides to investigate the flora.

Some other tips for upgrading your home into a pet-friendly space include installing ramps, mudrooms equipped with grooming stations, and built-in pet beds. Pet-proof homes create a safe space for your dog to grow in and help you look after your house and your pup.