The Following is a guest post:

Aluminium is diverse product, affordable and safe to use in your home renovation. It has a high strength to weight ratio, corrosion resistance and recyclability. The recyclability of aluminium is particularly important to its sustainability. When a highly used product such as aluminium is so common in our country and around the world, it’s ability as a sustainable and recyclable product is of utmost important. There’s nothing worse than renovating your home by using something that is not only expensive, but also wasteful and harmful to the environment. Any buildings or renovations done today using aluminium can be consider resources for future buildings. One the old ones are knocked down, they provide recyclable metal for future building projects.

Aluminium is initially derived from ore bauxite. The bauxite is mined from shallow deposits in the ground and is then refined through a Bayer process at a refinery to be turned into alumina. This alumina is a powdery white substance which is then sent to an aluminium smelter where it is subjected to electrolysis (it’s not just for hairy legs!) where electric currents separate out the aluminium metal components to be used to create metal products like aluminium sheets and gutters.

Aluminium is also a very flexible metal, it can easily be alloyed and shaped for a bunch of different purposes and moulded into a variety of shapes and forms while remaining sturdy and strong. For example, when aluminium is mixed with magnesium, it becomes almost as strong as steel. It is also very effective at keeping out light and air. Its sensitivity to heat also works to your advantage. It can effectively cool a room or be used to conduct heat if you need, it is such a versatile, and affordable building product to use, not wonder it is so popular!
There are a variety of ways that aluminium can be used in your home renovation and a range of supplies, like Aluminium Trade Centre. Here are just some examples of how aluminium can be used in a home renovation:
– It can be used as the structural support for sunroom. Rather than building an expensive timber sunroom, they can also be achieved with aluminium and double glazed glass.
– Aluminium is the perfect choice for guttering and cladding. It is strong, sturdy and light making it great for home gutters. It is tough enough to take the pressure of a sloped roof and doesn’t rust quickly like steel gutters.
– It is also a popular choice for fittings like doors, windows and fly screens
– It is perfect for a handy and sturdy outdoor shed! Creating extra space for you and value to your home.