Nowadays, there is no shortage of construction material. Other than the common choices such as steel, concrete, and brick, new types appear all the time, presenting us with efficient and sustainable solutions. However, no amount of innovation can compete with the advantages of using wood for construction. Whether you’re planning a remodel, renovation, or a new home, consider the benefits of this amazing natural resource.

Superior Structural Performance

While it may seem like engineered materials are more flexible in construction, the truth is wood still has even steel beat on most fronts. Quality timbers are naturally more weather resistant than balanced alloys in many ways. Wood is also much better at evenly supporting its weight with less support. In other words, engineers can create much more uniquely expressive structures using wood. The resulting design will also be lighter weight and often costs less than artificial material.

Unrivaled Beauty

The greatest advantages of using wood for construction are the same reasons it’s so desirable. Simply put, wood is incredibly beautiful. Furthermore, all manner of species typically used to build each has unique colors and features that accent a building in ways that can’t be artificially replicated. Just the look of a rich stained wood wall, cabinet, or floor turns an average space into an area that’s truly luxurious. Any designer interested in building an elegant structure should hand down prefer wood over other options.

More Energy Efficient

A little-known benefit of wood is its real advantage in the role of heating and cooling a home. Man-made materials tend to require an internal insulating layer to properly retain temperature. Structures that lack this element will be much less cost-efficient. On the other hand, the nature of solid wood holds the temperature at a steadier rate than metals. Choosing wood for exterior facing walls and choosing fixtures in hard-to-heat areas—such as solid wood exterior and garage doors—can make a home more energy-efficient.

A Sustainable Solution

Finally, when it comes to choosing renewable resources, wood is the best option. Sustainable growing and harvesting of many species are already practiced across the states. Many sources of renewable wood are already available, and the more this practice is chosen by homeowners the more it will become standard. If you want a building material that doesn’t harm the Earth, simply use what grows naturally in a responsible manner.