Gone are the days where you open your energy bill, worried about how much you’ll have to pay that month. Here are the top 10 ways to save more money on your energy bill so you can get your utility budget back under control!

#1: Check Seals On Windows and Doors

Keep the hot or cold air flowing where it needs to: outside! Make sure that your windows and doors are sealed properly.

#2: Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats can save you approximately 20% on your energy bills when used correctly. If you have a programmable thermostat, turn it down a few degrees whenever you’re away from home. That way, the air isn’t being used in an empty house.

#3: Switch To Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

If you forget to turn off your lights when you leave for work, you can turn them off with the ease of your mobile device. An outdoor, motion-sensor light bulb not only saves energy, but provides security for your home as well.

#4: Open Your Vents

When vents are closed, your HVAC system must work harder to distribute the air in your home, which means it’s using more energy to pump air. Ensure the area around your vents is cleared from blockage, like furniture, and open all your vents to allow more air to flow throughout your home.

#5: Fill Up the Dishwasher

Wait until your dishwasher is full before starting a new cycle. Even if it means having your dishes sit for a day or two, it’s best to wash all your dishes at the same time rather than running multiple cycles.

#6: Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Washing your clothes in cold water can positively impact your water heater and save you more money over time.

#7: Insulate Your Home

A great way to save on your utilities is insulating your home with a professional contractor who knows what signs to look for to determine if your home is under-insulated. Home insulation can save you about 15% on heating and cooling costs. Talk to your contractor today!

#8: Facing Weather Conditions

During the harsh winter months, it’s tempting to turn up the heat every day to keep warm, but there are plenty of ways you can stay warm and save on your utility bills at the same time! During the summer, use your ceiling fan to cool off!

#9: Take Shorter Showers

Reducing your shower time by just a few minutes can save several gallons of water, thus decreasing your monthly energy bills.

#10: Complete Chores During Off-Peak Hours

Some utility companies offer discounts when homeowners complete energy-intensive chores during off-peak times. Check with your provider today!

Adjusting your routine and investing in smart appliances will save you more money on your energy bills, saving you much more money overall that you can put toward savings or a vacation!