A floor remodel is one of the most impactful ways to change the look of your home. But it can be a substantial investment. As well as a huge project.

It’s wise to take steps to set yourself up for floor remodeling success. From choosing materials to selecting workers, a bad decision could make or break your outcome. Plan ahead and be proactive to make sure you end up with a great result.

There are several things you can do to guarantee yourself a positive experience. It just takes a little thought and preparation to result in a successful, stress-free project. Here are five things you can do to increase the odds that your floor remodel will exceed your expectations.

1. Budget Wisely

Not being mindful about budgeting is a great way to risk ruining your project. Create your budget with a cushion and unexpected costs in mind. And make sure you include all aspects of your remodel.

Your budget will drive your decisions and the amount of flooring you can replace. You may need to complete your remodel in phases if the costs of replacing all of the floors you plan to are too high. Balance the scope of the remodel with the quality of the materials to fit your budget.

Renovation projects are famous for unexpected costs. You don’t want to have to cut corners because you failed to budget wisely. Removing the old floor could reveal damage like moldy subfloor. Plan to have the room in your budget to make necessary repairs.

Think about your remodel and the additional costs you will incur. Will you have to purchase takeout while your kitchen is inaccessible? Costs such as leaving your home office to work from a coffee shop or going out to eat more than usual can quickly add up during the scope of a remodel. Make sure you budget for them, so you aren’t caught off guard.

2. Shop Thoughtfully

The materials you choose are important to the success of your remodel. With any considerable change to your home, you want it to last well into the future. And you want to make sure you’re making an investment that makes sense.

Think about your lifestyle. Do you have kids or pets? Both are rough on floors. You’ll want to focus your options on durable materials that are made to take a beating.

Appearances are important, but you should also evaluate the features of the flooring you consider. You might want flooring that you can refinish in the future for flexibility. Or have the option to replace one portion of the floor do to damage. Look for features that fit your priorities.

The feel of the floor is another factor to consider. You’ll be spending a lot of time on it, so you want it to feel comfy under your feet. If warmth and softness is a priority, look for a softer material or consider an underlayment that will provide more cushion.

You’ll want to enjoy your floors for years to come. Look for well-warrantied flooring to protect your investment. Also, consider the maintenance requirements to keep different materials looking new. Research the everyday ease of cleaning and recommended techniques for the flooring you consider.

3. Carefully Select Contractors

You can select the most stunning flooring, but poor workmanship can ruin the outcome. Be careful about who you hire to complete your job. And make sure you communicate effectively. The store you purchase your flooring from may have a list of recommended contractors. Or you can always search for on your own. Either way, make sure to vet them carefully.

The best way to gauge the quality of work a team performs is by past experiences. Talk to friends and neighbors to see if they have referrals. Look for online reviews for praise or complaints. Narrow down your options and get several estimates to compare.

You want your flooring installed exactly how it is intended. Make sure the contractor has experience in the specific material you are using. Ask to see examples of previous work, optimally of a similar remodel to yours.

Make sure your contractor is licensed and that they carry insurance for their team. Also, ask them how they guarantee their work. You’ll want them to take responsibility for any labor mistakes.

Come up with a solid contract that is fair and protects both parties. Include milestones to help the job stay on track. Make sure you and your contractor are on the same page with payments and the timelines.

4. Manage Expectations

Be realistic about the expectations you have around your remodel. It’s a major project and will take time. Prepare yourself to avoid frustration.

You might encounter unexpected setbacks. Be patient and work with your contractor to overcome them. They are more likely to work harder to get the job back on track if you are understanding.

There are a lot of factors that cause delays that are out of your contractor’s control. Worker illness or unpredictable weather can cause a project to fall behind. Be proactive in your thinking that these setbacks are likely. Then if they don’t occur, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

5. Prepare a Plan

Your flooring remodel will have an impact on your day to day life. And it is likely to disrupt several areas of your home. Have a plan in place to eliminate stress.

If you have children, it’s important to plan carefully. Make sure you have a way to work around not having access to the kitchen or bathroom temporarily. And have a strategy to keep them away from active work areas.

Working from home is convenient but can be tough during a remodel. You may need to look into an alternative work environment until the job is complete. Plan to also have a quiet option if you have kids that need to do homework.

Pets can be curious and eager to greet workers. Make sure to have a place for them to be securely out of the way so they will stay safe, and you will eliminate the risk of them causing a work accident.

You will also need to prepare your home for the remodel. Take time to pack away priceless and fragile items to protect them. And consider a strategy for managing the dust and debris the remodel will create.


Don’t be discouraged by the long process. It’s possible to make your floor remodel less disrupting and stressful. Make sure to plan ahead and use strategies to lessen the interruption to your life.

With the investment you’re making, it’s essential to do your research on materials and vet workers. Be patient and don’t rush the process. And it will all be worth it once you have your perfect, new floor installed and see the transformation in your home.