Home safety can be frustrating for homeowners. Living with the fear of losing your precious belongings is not easy. While doors and windows may not protect from break-ins, there are things that can make preventing home break-ins and theft easier than ever.

There are many electronic devices, auto lock systems, security cameras, and other technology that can prevent intruders from easily breaking into the house. Here are the top six easy tips to prevent home break-ins and theft.

Use Digital Locks for Door and Windows Safety

When we leave home, we tend to close off everything just to keep intruders out. Even super cautious people, sometimes carelessly, forget to lock the doors or windows.

So, exploiting this carelessness, known or unknown people can enter our house. Making a habit of double-checking is essential to keeping our home safe and secure.

Technology has evolved, making it easier for us to make our lives more secure. Some devices can help you track the security of your home entry points. Door and window sensors can track whether any have been left open, and smart locks can be scheduled for auto-lock at specific times.

Opt for a trustable digital door lock that can help keep your main entry points safe from a break-in. Companies like Lockey Digital use the latest technology, which can easily help you prevent home break-ins and theft.

Make Sure Your Door and Windows are Well-Protected


    • Upgrade your door locks if they are old and have become worn out.
    • To make it harder for intruders, ensure that all exterior doors have a deadbolt.
    • You should also ensure that your hinges and door frames are strong enough for an attempted break-in.
    • Older doors and hinges could pose a risk if any strong person can break them. Make sure to change the old door and lock.


  • Invest in a Home Security System

There are some safety features everyone should have in their home and this includes a home security system. A home security system is an excellent way to safeguard your house from trespassers, thieves and criminals.

The home security system’s cameras can easily alert you of intruders. Without a security camera, there is a heavy chance that break-ins will go unnoticed.

Having a security system also makes criminals weary, which can make them avoid attempting to break into your house. Home security cameras ensure your home’s highest protection. They will alert you to any movement in your yard, porch, or windows.

Door and window sensors can also let you know if anyone tries to enter or has already entered your home. Your security system may also alert the police on your behalf, if needed.

Security systems don’t need to cost a fortune. They are a good investment so try to get one, even if you have a limited budget.

  • Change The Older Slide Doors and Windows 

Older sliding doors and windows have backdated technology, and some don’t have stronger locks. They are weak and someone can easily enter your home, using those entry points. You should take it seriously, as they are easy to break in.

Make sure to lock all the sliding windows when you leave the house. Consider sliding a steel bar, dowel, or two-by-4 into the groove. This will prevent the door from opening and sliding back, even if people pick it up.

You can also try attaching a pin or nail to the frame to prevent it from rising more than a few inches. This will provide additional security if someone breaks in through the window.

  • Trick Potential Intruders

If intruders can tell by looking from the outside that there is no one in the house at the moment, they might attempt to break in. If they look through your windows and see that someone is there, it can ensure they stay out. An empty house is tempting for thieves, so make sure it never looks like your house is empty.

Keep in mind that break-ins are more common during the workday. Try to make it look like there is someone is home. You can leave your light on along with music and your TV.

If you don’t want to waste too much electricity by leaving lights on, ensure you have compact fluorescent lamps that last longer and are more friendly to the environment.

  • Make Your Garage Break-ins Proof

After doing many smart things to secure their houses, people often forget to lock their garage. And, that’s the kind of loophole intruders are waiting for.

Remember to do the following to safeguard your garage from break-ins.

  1. Must close all windows and doors in your garage.
  2. Don’t forget to take your garage door opener key inside your home. Don’t just keep it in your car all the time, as someone might steal it.
  3. You should lock the interior door that leads from your garage into your home. This will ensure that anyone who manages to gain access to your garage can’t enter your home.
  4. Retrofit smart garage opener so that you can control the device from a distance. These devices can be used to check the status of your garage, schedule it to close at specific times, and set it to open when you return.



An unsafe house is always an extra headache. We hope these top six easy tips to prevent home break-ins and theft help you keep your home safe and secure. Invest in a good security system and make sure to change old doors and windows.

Keep potential intruders away by making them believe someone is home. Always keep your garage secure, as it can easily be the path a thief takes.