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We all want a nice-looking bathroom, but when it comes to remodeling one, many of us are either determined to save money and therefore skimp on essentials or they’re either too concerned with aesthetics that they don’t consider the functionality of the space as much as they should. That leaves them with costly repairs and oftentimes, they end up paying for everything they skimped on, making an even bigger dent in their wallets. To help you plan a bathroom remodel smartly and sans stress, we’re listing five common mistakes homeowners make during their bathroom remodel as well as some tips on how to avoid them.

Not centering your bathroom remodel design around a theme

Not having a theme for their bathroom is the first on the list of common mistakes homeowners make. Because they have a lot of decisions to make, many homeowners start to feel overwhelmed when offered a wide array of options. However, when not chosen carefully, the elements in your bathroom may result in a mixture that doesn’t really make much sense. On the other hand, when you stick with a certain style and center your bathroom design around a certain theme and color palette, you get a look that is cohesive, polished, and well-thought-out. Whether you’re drawn to rustic interiors with old charm, farmhouse style, or like to keep things minimal, be sure to create a plan before you call in the contractors.

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Failing to prioritize functionality over aesthetics for your bathroom remodel

As much as aesthetics do matter, pretty tiles and high-end sinks and tubs won’t matter when you encounter some problems around your bathroom. It’s a mistake we often see in bathroom remodels – people tend to overlook the safety, comfort, and functionality of the space in general. They overcrowd the space, design bathrooms with poor layouts, and forget about the importance of storage. When remodeling your bathroom, you want to make sure that it allows for easy access and movement, and choose elements and fixtures that suit the size of your bathroom. Don’t make your toilet the first thing people see as they enter the bathroom, and opt for a shower tub combination instead of two separate elements if you’re working with a smaller space. Choose what makes sense for your bathroom and don’t sacrifice functionality and comfort for style and aesthetics.

Making the wrong choices when it comes to materials

The subject of functionality extends into the choice of materials for the bathroom. Even though you might be drawn to a certain trend that’s big at the moment, or simply like the look of wood or wallpaper, the truth is, these are not the best options for spaces with high levels of moisture. The wooden floors will start to warp over time and the paint or wallpaper on your bathroom walls will begin to peel, and all that calls for costly repairs. To avoid this trouble in the first place, rely on quality, durable materials for your bathroom remodel such as concrete. Whether you prefer matte or high-gloss finish, you can order polished concrete and use it for your bathroom floors and shower to create hygienic, stain-free, water-resistant surfaces. What’s more, concrete will give your bathroom an aesthetically pleasing, modern appeal, which makes it an upgrade worth considering.

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Not installing a proper ventilation system

Imagine this – you’ve finally completed your bathroom remodel and you’re excited about its new design. After some time, you notice black, moldy spots starting to appear on your bathroom ceiling and walls. This happens very often, and it’s usually because homeowners don’t really plan for things they can’t even see and only notice the problem when the mold and mildew have taken over. Windows and exhaust fans can help reduce the amount of humidity and lessen the damage it causes, but it’s best to talk to your contractor about the possible solutions for this problem and how you can ensure proper air circulation.

Choosing contractors with the lowest quotes

When dealing with a bathroom remodel, many of us would like to save some money in the process. We all know how important it is to stay within our budget, but if there’s one thing you shouldn’t be skimping on, it’s quality labor. While many homeowners opt for the cheapest contractors they can find, you need to think about the reason why they offer services at such low prices in the first place. Most of the time they aren’t licensed to perform such work, don’t really have much experience and probably don’t care about the end result. If you want high-quality labor for your bathroom redesign, steer clear of these types of contractors, and rather pay more for licensed and experienced plumbing professionals. It may cost more, but it’ll definitely cost less than doing the same thing all over again

When you know what to expect and what pitfalls to watch out for, planning a bathroom remodel can be a breeze. Spare yourself the hassle and keep these tips in mind next time you’re redesigning your interiors.

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