If the lot that your home stands on still has some space left, why not turn it into an outdoor living space that you, your family, and your guests can enjoy? A lawn or a backyard that’s bereft of any sign of civilization can be very dull, so if you can spare a budget and a bit of your time and effort, you can actually turn your outdoor living space into your own enchanting oasis!

It’s not hard to picture yourself curled up on a very comfortable wick sofa reading a book, with your kids running around playing with their siblings or cousins. If you want to make that mental image a reality, then get to work on an outdoor getaway that you can get to just by walking out the door. Here are some tips that can help you do just that.

Build a patio or a deck

There are so many benefits to building a patio or a deck. Aside from extending your living area outdoors, a patio also provides you an excellent place to unwind and breathe in fresh air. Whether you’re sharing a tender moment with your significant other over a glass of wine or entertaining guests, a patio is the perfect place for it. With comfortable furniture, you can actually spend the better part of your day there.

Work on the greenery

If your property already has trees, then consider yourself fortunate, because trees provide your outdoor living space plenty of shade. You can make the area even greener by doing some planting all over the property. Flowering plants would be excellent.

Install a fog misting system

Then again, the shade the trees in your property give you is often not enough to keep you comfortable when the temperature is making its way north. But if you’d still prefer the outside air over the AC inside your home, then you better put up a fog misting system on your patio or anywhere in your outdoor living space. A misting system forces water out of special nozzles using high pressure, which produces a very fine mist of water droplets that keep everyone cool. They also help keep the bugs away, among other things.

Put up a fountain or other water features

The sound of flowing or cascading water is something we associate with serenity and relaxation. Have some of that right in your outdoor living space by installing water features like a column fountain, a small waterfall, or even a mini pond. And if you can spare more money, then you should think about constructing a swimming pool in your backyard. That would be the perfect water feature that would make your outdoor living space even more inviting.

Light things up

Even something as simple as string lights wrapped around tree trunks can transform the way your outdoor living area looks at night. Garden path lights can also do the same thing. But if you want a more native look, bamboo tiki torches can do the job.

Put up a fence for privacy

No one wants nosy neighbors peeking into your property watching you do whatever it is you do in your outdoor living area. You are going to need some privacy, so put up a fence around your property. You can build a concrete wall, or you can go for a fence made of rattan or bamboo

There are so many things you can do to perk up your outdoor living space, but the tips above should help you get started. So get those creative juices flowing, and think of concepts in line with your preferences and tastes to create that backyard oasis that you can enjoy for the foreseeable future.

About The Author

Anna Fox is the Content Marketing Strategist of Señor Mist, a Phoenix, Arizona-based company that provides high pressure misting systems/fog effects, comfort heaters, patio drop shades, hvls fans and more. When not writing, she makes use of her spare time reading books and hiking with her dog, Blaze.